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It’s here… Camp Power!!!

08.25.2014 by Lauren
The time has finally come! All summer we have been looking forward to this one week, and we have been working hard to make it the best one yet. That’s right, CAMP POWER has begun! During the last week of August, after camp has ended, we will be heading back to camp to join in the magic and fun that is Camp Power. Stay tuned with us to get the latest updates, pictures, and stories that we have from this amazing experience. We will be playing, running, laughing, learning, and teaching all week... and we just can't wait! We are so excited that we are able to be a part of this amazing journey and give the gift of summer to so many deserving children, and we hope you join us in spreading the camp love!

When I Met You in the Summer…

08.22.2014 by Lauren
Meet our first Camper Couple in our new segment, Camp Love Stories! Everyone knows that camp is a magical place where friendships are made and independence is gained... and often budding romances arise. These camp couples have created amazing bonds through their shared love of camp and all that it has taught them, and they are continuing to bring camp into their lives through their homes, and even through their little next-generation campers! Check out our first Camper Couple Love Story, Jason and Deena, who were basically destined to fall in love at camp - their whole family is filled with campers! It was love at first staff meeting!

Camper of the Week: Shelby Semel

08.21.2014 by Lauren
The dog days of summer take on a whole new meaning today! Meet Shelby Semel, otherwise known as “the dog whisperer” to many of her clients and their adorable puppies! Shelby is one of the premier dog trainers in NYC and owns her eponymous dog training company helping pups, dogs, and their owners every day in group classes and private training sessions with her Positive Reinforcement Dog Training technique. So let's give three (barks) cheers for Shelby and read on how her amazing camp experience shaped her into the person she is today!