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Back to School Cookies from Bubby’s Best | Summer 365 Canteen Recipes

09.19.2014 by Lauren
Just because summer is over doesn't mean the fun is over too! Our resident Head Chef of the Summer 365 Canteen, Jess from Bubby's Best, is back in the kitchen and whipping up amazing treats that are just perfect for back-to-school! Cookies and milk are one of our (and Jess') absolute favorite camp snacks, so here are two ways to bring that summertime sweetness back into your homes - Oreo and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies & All That and a Bag of Chips Cookies! Get the recipes here.

Camper of the Week: Dana and Jordan Canino, Founders The Movement

09.18.2014 by Lauren
Camp gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy... happy people do happy camp things!!! Cue the amazing camp power couple, Dana and Jordan Canino. They are currently using their camp spirit, hearts, and athleticism to spread the The Movement, a unique group fitness studio in NYC! Read on to hear about how they are giving back to move forward and how these amazing people are bringing camp into their lives each and every day.


09.11.2014 by Lauren
Today and always we will remember. #neverforget