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At Summer365 we are all about creative ways to make your camper happy. Writing letters and emails have become a daily routine for most parents. Campers favorite part of the day arguably is receiving mail from home. We have come up with a list of 6 wild wacky and creative letters you can send in the mail and yes these are very real. 

  1. Potato Parcel

Enter any custom message online and it will be shipped and printed on a potato (yes this is 100% real.) For $9.99 you can write up to 130 characters per potato. For $14.00 you can send your face, friends face or a celebrities picture on a potato. And finally, you can create a potato postcard by uploading any image and they will print it onto the potato. We hope you find these as a-peeling and spud-tacular as we do!

2. Glitter Everywhere Envelope

As a parent, you know first hand that glitter is a cleaning nightmare. It literally gets everywhere and the people at Ruindays.com know that an exploding envelope of glitter can be the joke that starts a very messy situation. However, to your kid glitter everywhere is a dream come true. The counselors may not appreciate it but it will guarantee a smile and surprise the whole bunk will be obsessed with. The good news is you won’t be the one cleaning it up this time!

3. Postagram from Sincerely.com 


On Postagram you can create custom postcards by using your Facebook, Instagram or camera roll to attach your photos to these awesome postcards. You can customize everything from the font and color and make it uniquely yours. It’s as easy as using the app to select your photo, write your message and then pressing send. The part we love about Postagram is that your camper can pop out the photo on the card and hang it on their bunk wall.

4. Greetabl

Greetabl is uniquely customized tiny gift boxes that your kid will love. On their website, you pick a pattern, a small gift (cute socks and glitter are great for campers) and then add a message and 3 photos. The stationary is folded into a tiny box and when it arrives your camper will unfold it to reveal your gift! Pro tip: the photos on the box can be hung on their bunk walls as well!

6. The Card that Never Ends

The masterminds behind The Card that Never Ends have hacked beloved singing cards to literally never stop singing. Once these cards are opened the battery can last up to 5 hours, but some stop sooner. These cards will guarantee to give your kids and the whole bunk a good laugh and a little frustration too.

We hope you like these ideas and take advantage of these internet wonders. And remember it’s all in good fun! Happy Camping!

By: Samantha Locker

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