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We have a secret for you parents out there… your children are going to learn a lot at camp!  But don’t tell them that!  Camp is about fun and freedom and exciting activities, but at the same time, counselors act as mentors and role models for your child’s summer, and will guide them in ways they could never learn at school.  So when your child comes home brighter, friendlier, and probably a few inches taller, you will just smile to yourself and know that they got the full dose of their ABC’s at camp…

A is for arts and crafts and archery and everything in between.

B is for bravery and becoming a basketball star.

C is for canteen, cheers, campfires and color war and knowing these things will always make you “camp sick.”

D is for dancing all the way from the bunk to the dining hall.

E is for equality, because at camp, everyone is your friend.

F is for fireside stories with your second family.

G is for golf, go-carting, and gymnastics.

H is for pure happiness.

I is for independence.

J is for jacks, the ultimate camp game.

K is for kookiness, kickball, and a place where kids can be kids.

L is for lots of firsts: love, late-nights, and lice checks. 

M is for morning line ups.

N is for no technology and nothing but 10 months for 2.

O is for openness and outgoingness. 

P is for pool time!

Q is for no-quitting.

R is for reveille, rest hour, rainy day schedules, rope burn and having respect for all these things.

S is for sportsmanship, on the field and off. (Oh, and S’MORES!)

T is for teamwork. 

U is for uniqueness, and not being afraid to show it.

V is for very messy bunks … until inspection!

W is for waterskiing and wake boarding and wishing you could do it again.

X is for… creativity because there are no words that start with X and going to camp will inspire you to think of some, so email us when you do!

Y is for your best self.

Z is for zip-line and zillions of memories that will last a lifetime!

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