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On the road again…. back to camp! And we are definitely bringing these babies with us! Thanks Head Chef, you always know the way to our heart… and our sweet tooth :)

By: Jessica Bronstien, AKA Head Chef, AKA Bubby’s Best! 

Ever since I met my camp soul sisters from Summer 365, all I can think about is S’mores. They are absolute fans, and they have gotten me obsessed with brainstorming new S’mores creations.

Not to harp on the fact that I am one of those over-grown children who are missing their summers at camp — you get it already. I’m camp sick.  But just because you don’t go to camp anymore doesn’t mean you cant throw a killer back-yard bash, with delicious s’more treats.  I promise these inside-out S’mores will take you back to your sweet camp days.

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8oz Milk Chocolate

1 sleeve of Graham Crackers

Mini Marshmallows


Line the bottom of an 8×8-baking pan with graham crackers and set aside

Using a medium size pot create a double boiler by filling the pot half way with water. Place a heat-safe bowl on top and fill with chocolate. Melt over medium heat.

Once the chocolate is melted, evenly distribute over graham crackers and smooth with an offset spatula.

Top with crushed graham crackers and mini marshmallows, to your hearts content! Go wild!

Allow to set in freezer for at least an hour before breaking into smaller pieces.


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