Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Scott Rosenbluth

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C-R-A-Z-Y let’s get crazy… about camp! Our newest camper of the week Scott Rosenbluth knows a thing or two about that.  He has been going to camp for 17 years…and counting!  That’s an all-time Camper of the Week record. Scott has turned several decades of his own personal camp experiences into a successful business career.

Throughout his childhood, Scott attended a coed sleepaway camp in upstate New York. As he grew older, he remained involved as a Camp Counselor, Head Counselor and Program Director.  At only the ripe age of 19, he founded a youth marketing agency, Camp Craze, with only $600 and the goal of creating incredible, life-changing experiences for children. Today his company is a leader in the summer camp industry, reaching thousands of campers annually and developing unique outreach programs to inspire new generations of campers to get involved in the summer camp experience. In fact, tomorrow Tuesday November 18th is International Camp T-Shirt Day created by Scott and the Camp Craze team. It is a way for campers, staff, alumni and parents to show off camp spirit mid-Fall. Each year, #CampTShirtDay is a day that brings the entire camp community together and raises excitement about the next camp season and celebrates camp in general. That’s just one of the reasons we are crazy about Scott. Read on for the many others!


What are you currently doing?

Currently the CEO at CRAZE Interactive / Camp Craze – a Boston and New York based ad agency working in the youth market. I am in the process of starting my 2nd company; a management firm which will debut in January 2015. I also remain involved in camping, helping to run a 7-week boys camp in the Poconos, which allows me to stay connected and develop life-changing experiences for children across the country.

What are your top three essentials that you pack in your trunk?

Playing Cards, Baseball Glove and a fan… one that is very mobile and sprays water.

What are three words to describe your camp experience?

Fun, Friendship and Memorable.

Who was someone at camp that you looked up to?

The Head Counselor Jay. He must have been responsible for 300 + campers but I always felt that he kept an extra eye out for me. Will never forget that.

Why do you think it is important to go to camp?

Being a kid isn’t easy. It certainly wasn’t when I was growing up and even more so now. Camp gives children an opportunity to step away to a simpler life and discover themselves while building friendships that may last forever.

summer 365 camper of the week camp sleepaway camp travel trips kids teens tours trips advice experts decisions summer 2015

What is your favorite camp memory?

I have really been at camp all my life but I remember the first time I realized that camp is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Growing up I went to Crestwood Country Day Camp on Long Island where my mom, Nancy was a Group Leader. Every morning we would get to camp a little early so she could prepare for the day. While she was waiting for her campers to arrive; I would stand with the camp director, in the parking lot, holding his walkie-talkie and waving in the busses. I would do the same in the afternoon saying goodbye to campers and staff. I haven’t let go of that walkie-talkie since!

How has camp affected your adult life? Is there something you learned there that you still do today?

Camp has impacted me greatly and helps me every day both personally and professionally. Something I’ve learned…always challenge yourself. Other people like to determine what we are capable of in life; but if you continue to challenge yourself and work hard at something you become unstoppable. Not sure there is any greater feeling than looking at a challenge and knowing you can tackle it. It can be a small challenge, like trying a new activity – or a big one, like starting a business. Camp made facing a challenge that much easier.

Words of wisdom for current and future campers?

Take it all in. Be nice. Embrace tradition and the sense of community that camp brings. It will help you down the road.

What is your favorite camp tradition?

Cheering in the Mess Hall.

What was your favorite camp food?

Fair to say I was the pickiest eater in all of camp. As I got older and became a staff member I was told by the camp owner that “I had the pallet of a nine year old girl.” This remains true today, and…I’m proud of it.

What is your favorite camp cheer?

BOOM it’s your birthday!

What was your favorite summer reading book?

Have to be honest, never read a book during the summer. Although, I loved newspaper clippings from the Sports Section which my parents sent me.

What is your favorite movie about camp/that you saw at camp?

Heavyweights which I am fairly certain was shown to us by accident. “Lunch has been canceled today due to lack of hustle” is still one of my favorite lines from any movie…ever.

Pool or lake?

Pool…not even close.

Sports or arts?

Sports. I did get a part in Music Man once to impress a girl and forgot all of my lines…that was fun.

summer 365 camper of the week camp sleepaway camp travel trips kids teens tours trips advice experts decisions summer 2015

What was your favorite camp activity?

Baseball Leagues

If you had to have something from camp tattooed on you, what would it be?

The year ‘2007’ when I made it to the leadership of Olympics.

What is your favorite camp word/expression?

10 for 2

Did you ever get homesick at camp?  How did you deal with that?

To be honest, I was never homesick at camp BUT when you think about it…at camp – we’re all away from home. That’s normal and it would be weird if you didn’t miss Mom and Dad. Camp goes by very quickly so focus on all of the amazing things on the horizon and before you know it you will be home and counting down to another amazing summer.

Who was your first summer crush?

Oh boy. I’m almost positive that every guy in my grade was overly obsessed with one girl five years older than us who still comes up in conversation every time I’m with my camp friends. She just got married and broke all of our hearts.

summer 365 camper of the week camp sleepaway camp travel trips kids teens tours trips advice experts decisions summer 2015

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