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Food Allergies at Summer Camp

2.16.16 by

If your child has a food allergy from mild to severe, rest assured there is a camp for you! Summer 365 is here to guide you through the process of finding the right camp for your child’s food needs.

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Happy Thanksgiving | Giving Thanks for Summer Camp

11.26.15 by

The Summer 365 Counselors are feeling thankful for the wonderful gift that is a summer spent at camp. And so, as we settle into our turkey and stuffing (and yes Thanksgiving s’mores are obviously on the dessert menu), we thought we’d share what aspects of camp we are truly grateful for…from friendships to field days and everything in between. From our family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Healthy Eating at Summer Camp

10.1.15 by

It’s World Vegetarian Day! We are all about fruits, veggies, and healthy eating and living at Summer 365, especially during the summer months at camp! So we are taking a moment at the Summer 365 HCO to think about all the delicious camp eats and treats your child is trying at camp. And no, we don’t mean those sweets at the canteen or s’mores by the campfire!

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Summer Camp Departure Day

6.29.15 by

The long awaited departure day is finally here. And just like that, they’re off! With the buses gone and on their way to camp, the summer of 2015 has officially begun!

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Camp: A Resume Builder

5.28.15 by

Throughout my three summers as a counselor, I was constantly nagged that I needed to do something more useful with my time. “Get a real job,” and “its time to move on,” everyone would say to me, but I still was not ready to let go of my summer home. Little did they all know, I didn’t have to. While having the time of my life at the greatest place on earth, I was actually building upon skills that later could be translated to the office.

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Top 10 List for Preparing for Sleepaway Camp

5.23.15 by

Memorial day marks the unofficial start of the summer season! Since we are 35 days away from the start of camp, and in honor of Dave letterman’s retirement, we are sharing a top ten list on how to prepare your first time camper for overnight camp.

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