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7 Ways Parents Can Unplug This Summer

7.18.17 by

Camp has always been a very special place for kids, but now more than ever, camp is playing a significant role in the growth of children. If you are a parent you know first hand just how addicted kids have become to technology and their phones…. Put away the phone, (not suggesting for 7 weeks) and just try and unplug and see what benefits you reap. Here are seven ideas for parents to unplug this summer.

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National Best Friends Day

6.8.15 by

On National Best Friends Day (yes there really is a national holiday for everything), we celebrate the friends who have been there for us through it all. Ever hear the legend that camp friends are the best friends? Well, its true, and here at Summer 365, we take National Best Friends Day to appreciate these very special friendships that start during the summer.

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