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Camp Love Story: Cara and James

10.19.14 by

For many young adults, summer camp marks a golden opportunity for co-ed camaraderie and love to blossom. Some campers and counselors keep the campfire flames burning much longer than just the summer months and those extra special relationships can turn into a lifetime commitment. So begins the story of Cara and James…

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Camper of the Week: Dana and Jordan Canino, Founders The Movement

9.18.14 by

Camp gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy… happy people do happy camp things!!! Cue the amazing camp power couple, Dana and Jordan Canino. They are currently using their camp spirit, hearts, and athleticism to spread the The Movement, a unique group fitness studio in NYC! Read on to hear about how they are giving back to move forward and how these amazing people are bringing camp into their lives each and every day.

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When I Met You in the Summer…

8.22.14 by

Meet our first Camper Couple in our new segment, Camp Love Stories! Everyone knows that camp is a magical place where friendships are made and independence is gained… and often budding romances arise. These camp couples have created amazing bonds through their shared love of camp and all that it has taught them, and they are continuing to bring camp into their lives through their homes, and even through their little next-generation campers! Check out our first Camper Couple Love Story, Jason and Deena, who were basically destined to fall in love at camp – their whole family is filled with campers! It was love at first staff meeting!

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Summer Loving, Valentine’s Day Edition

2.14.14 by

On this Valentine’s Day we bring to you one of the greatest real-life summer love stories … dare we say… of all time?! At the heart of it all is CAMP. This is an epic love story that started at camp, turned into a wedding that took place at camp, and a family that continues to grow at camp. For all you camp lovers, is your heart melting yet?

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