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Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Maxwell Cohen, Founder of AfreSheet

6.14.16 by

Being at camp you are laughing and having fun 24/7, but maybe not as much when it is dreaded Laundry Day. Good thing we found our newest camper of the week; Shark Tank Contestant and Founder/President of AfreSheet, LLC; Maxwell Cohen to help make Laundry Day almost as fun and easy as free swim! AfreSHeet is the world’s first and only fitted sheet with 7 soft, waterproof peel away layers.

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Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Stacy Davidowitz

4.7.16 by

This Summer 365 Camper of the Week has got all the write stuff! Camp runs deeps in her blood and brain. Her experience was so profound and formative that it has inspired her incredible resume of teacher, author, and playwright, screenwriter and all around rock star. Meet Stacy Davidowitz!

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Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Steve Feldman, Founder & Managing Partner Private Prep

12.22.15 by

Camp teaches us all valuable lessons – but sometimes camp teaches us lessons about the valuable lessons we will teach! Meet Steve Feldman, Founder and Managing Partner of Private Prep! Steve parlayed his camp experience into a career that enables him to mentor, coach, and teach – skills he encountered alongside the wonderful counselors and coaches who spent summers with Steve at camp!

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