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6 Creative Cards to Send Your Camper Today

6.28.17 by

At Summer365 we are all about creative ways to make your camper happy. Writing letters and emails have become a daily routine for most parents. We have come up with a list of 6 wild, wacky and creative letters you can send in the mail and yes these are very real.

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Planning for Summer 2018: Sleepaway Camp Tours and Rookie Days

5.23.17 by

Countdown for ‪#‎summer2017‬ is on! There are less than 50 days until the start of the camp 2017 season!! We are in high-gear planning and preparing for this summer…AND 2018!

While it might seem awhile away, if you are planning to send your child to summer camp in 2017, now is the perfect time to begin your camp search. Summer 365 will help you explore the right options, plan your tours and rookie days this summer and navigate the sleepaway camp search process. We’ll make it fun and easy…promise!

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Status Update: #BestSummerEver

6.20.14 by

School’s out for summer, school’s out forever… or so they wish! But that doesn’t mean that your teen has to sit on the couch, glued to the TV. Studies have shown how important it is for kids to be active over the summer, not only for their physical health, but also to keep up their brain activity. There are so many amazing summer programs for teens, there is no reason for your child to spend a single summer indoors. And trust us, once they get out there, they will grow and mature in ways that you may have never expected… and they’ll even thank you for it! It’s a win-win summer situation!

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israel trips summer BBYO religious international travel tour

Happy Birthday Israel!

5.6.14 by

Blue and white may be your camp colors, but today, the whole country of Israel is sporting those colors in honor of National Independence Day. Today is Israel’s 66th birthday! People throughout the country and around the world are celebrating the creation of one of the most beautiful and inspiring countries in the world.

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unplugging at sleepaway camp

The Power of Unplugging at Sleepaway Camp

3.30.14 by

UNPLUG! It’s a simple and beautiful (and perhaps elusive) concept that is becoming a big fixture of conversation for us lately. One of the most commonly asked questions and discussions we engage parents in about sleepaway camp is – what is the electronics policy? And of course it is. In a world where we are totally and pretty much unavoidably immersed in technology, parents want to know what happens during summertime at camp.

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Summer365 on Susan and Lauren Kasnett share 5 Key Tips For Finding A Camp For A Child With Special Needs

3.28.14 by

We are huge fans of Parents magazine a leading publication that helps moms and dads understand the issues and challenges that are important to them and celebrates the joys of parenthood. And we are so excited to be featured experts on’s blog To The Max about raising a child with special needs. Summer 365’s very own Susan and Lauren Kasnett shared 5 key tips for finding a camp for a child with special needs. Click below to read the full story and their very informative and insightful advice. 5 Key Tips For Finding A Camp For A Child With Special Needs


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