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10 Tips When You Get The Camp Packing List

2.19.18 by

Whether you are a first time camp parent or your child is returning for the 9th summer, now seems to be the time those packing lists have arrived. Packing is one of those things that has to be done, it needs to be accomplished at one point or another. And let’s face it… a goal without a plan is just a wish! So whether you are a planner or tend to be more of a procrastinator, here are 10 tips you won’t want to miss so you can create your own packing game plan!

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Summer 365 Visiting Day Gift Guide 2017

6.30.17 by

We have dedicated our talents, camp knowledge, and time to finding you the most delicious, drool-worthy and trendy gifts to give to your kid on the big day. From cookies to custom jewelry, shoes and patches these gifts will make for a happy camper. We love all these products and can’t wait for you to share them with your kid. Plus tons of special discounts and promotions for our Summer 365 fam. Let the Visiting Day shopping commence!

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Last Minute Packing Tips for Summer Camp

5.25.17 by

You know it is getting down to the wire when your Facebook feed is flooded with posts asking for last minute camp packing advice on a Saturday night. With trunks set to be picked up next week, you are most likely running around frantically picking up last minute items. That being said, we thought this would be a good time to give you some Summer 365 tricks of the trade and our best packing advice from seasoned mom’s who have packed hundreds of duffles!

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Summer 365 Camp Visiting Day Gift Guide 2016

7.2.16 by

We’ve searched high and low to find the tastiest and coolest gifts around to bring up for your little ones for Visiting Day 2016!! Check out our list of camper tested and mother / Summer 365 approved sweets, accessories, and other great camp faves that are on (camp)FIRE!!

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Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Maxwell Cohen, Founder of AfreSheet

6.14.16 by

Being at camp you are laughing and having fun 24/7, but maybe not as much when it is dreaded Laundry Day. Good thing we found our newest camper of the week; Shark Tank Contestant and Founder/President of AfreSheet, LLC; Maxwell Cohen to help make Laundry Day almost as fun and easy as free swim! AfreSHeet is the world’s first and only fitted sheet with 7 soft, waterproof peel away layers.

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Summer 365 Camp Visiting Day Gift Guide 2015

7.14.15 by

The countdowns are drawing closer, the lists are piling up and excitement levels are through the roof…it’s almost time for VISITING DAY! We’ve searched high and low to find the best and hottest products on the camp market! Of course we’ve included plenty of food, tons of fun accessories, and other great camp favorites! So buckle up, stock up and get ready to treat and greet your campers with the BEST products this Visiting Day!

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3.27.15 by

With the countdown to start of the 2015 camp season at under 100 days, Summer 365 & Lester’s have joined forces with Zara Terez to kick off our sensational partnership. We are offering our readers and shoppers an exclusive sweepstakes.

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Campers of the Week: The Everything Camper Team!

10.23.14 by

Everyone, meet some of our best camp partners in crime… the brilliant and creative team – Jessica, Perry, and Jared – at Everything Camper! EC is a camp clothing outfitter and makes the coolest gear in the game. Their online store also sells the best camp accessories. Read on to hear about the special camp bond these three have with each other, and how everything camp in their lives turned into Everything Camper. This campy crew is truly living 10 for 2.

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Summer 365 Reading: The Thread by Jane Rosen

7.1.14 by

We got the chance to talk to author Jane Rosen of The Thread about her own camp experiences, what inspired her to write about camp, and how this book is the perfect summer read for your tween or teen campers, and even for the camper in you. A novel concept right here, summer reading your daughters will actual like and thank you for!

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