Confessions of a First Time Camp Mom: The First Letter of Summer

6.30.17 by

I’m not going to lie, I started hearing murmurs of other camp families getting their first letter yesterday and then I was consumed with the thought of mine. When was I going to hear from my new camper? Is he happy? Does he like his bunk? Is he adjusting? The questions in my mind could not be silenced until I heard straight from the source – my son.  I started to panic and was convinced we didn’t get our first letter and we weren’t going to. I kept telling myself “no news is good news” (and I really do believe this!) or “the mail could be slow today”.

So just like I did when I was waiting for that college acceptance letter, I stalked the mailbox and checked obsessively and constantly. Then, today’s mail was delivered and I saw it as if it was the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket was hidden amongst my junk mail and bills. I started to shake and I sat down to brace myself for what was to come.

And then I opened it and peace of mind rushed over me. The letter was filled with factual information about his bunk and bunkmates and he says he loves us!  No mention of missing us, no mention of wanting to come home. It was short and sweet, just what I needed from my first letter!

The first weeks are said to be the hardest, things could change, but as of now – no red flags! This letter is the first sign of a happy and adjusting camper. It was the sign I needed despite positive phone calls from camp and the pictures of a happy camper on the camp website. Because this was from him.

Now I can’t stop smiling, shaking and talking about my camper. But it’s different, my shakes aren’t out of nerves anymore but of pure excitement for my happy camper. He is doing it, he is living the magic of camp and now I have turned all my energy to total jealousy! What I would do to be in his shoes again….

by: Hallie Grodin

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