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It’s crazy to be thinking about visiting day already, but let’s be honest, we’ve been thinking about it since the moment those buses pulled away. I still remember the delight of unpacking what my parents brought me for visiting day to find my favorite candy, Pringles etc and eating it til I got a tummy ache. My best friends parents were total rule followers and didn’t bring any “illegal food,” my mom felt horrible for her, so she always brought me a secret stash of her favorite crap and I got to relive the excitement of opening those goodies with her after our families left!

So with all these fun memories in mind, I’ve been following lots of different stores and websites that sell camp items in the hopes of finding some great visiting day swag for my son. Here’s the problem…

1) He’s a boy and doesn’t care about all the (awesome) camp jewelry etc (but would it be weird if I bought it for myself?!)

2) He’s not a candy kid…I DO NOT understand how he is my son and this is the case because I want every water bottle stuffed with candy, bunk made out of candy, candy wreath, etc but that just won’t do it for him! So I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with fun little nicknacks he could enjoy with his bunkmates. 

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. If you have other ideas, please comment on this blog to share!

Smackerz: Hog Wild Smackerz Softball, Assorted Colors 

Move the hands up and down to make the rubber balls smack together. Tricks galore.

Slime Ball Dodge Ball: Diggin Slimeball Dodgetag 

How could this not be fun? You literally throw small squishy balls at someone’s target on their chest and try and get it to stick. It’s possible I ordered a second one for me, I mean my other two kids :) 

Bop It: Bop It! Micro Series Game 

Twist it, bop it and pull it in the sequence the commands tell you. An updated version of Simon. And this is a compact version of the game so easy to store in the bunk

SlapziSlapzi Game 

A strategic fast paced matching game that all the kids are loving!  

Slime kit: 

We don’t want your slime loving child to be deprived of making it this summer…this kit provides all the ingredients needed to make your very own slime. You can even pick your camp color(s)! 

Galactic Ooze: GALACTIC OOZE 

Super cool slime for all those slime lovers out there! 

Nightball: Tangle NightBall Glow in the Dark Light Up LED Soccer Ball, Small 

This comes in soccer ball, football, etc. The ball glows in the dark so if your child didn’t play enough sports during the day, he/she can continue the fun in to the night! 

Fidget Spinner

Sick of it yet? Well too bad, they are still all the rage! So why not bring a new fidget spinner even if your child already has many, they never seem to mind one more! Glow in the dark or light up would be great for the bunk. Their favorite sport, color, etc you can find it all – and now that they are everywhere, you can find them cheap (I just bought a few for $2.99 each on Amazon!) 

Color War

Color War is coming so visiting day is a great time to show some color pride…color war eye black, face paint, color sweatbands, etc. have fun with that camp color spirit! 

Hallie Grodin, Summer 365 Counselor

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