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How has camp affected your life?

Camp molded the person I am today.  It taught me leadership skills, it taught me how to win and how to lose…It taught me how to be responsible and how to be accountable for my own actions.  Most importantly, it taught me about human kindness.  Camp is where I learned to treat others the same way I want to be treated. People make mistakes, and are flawed but I can love people for who they are and I can be loved for who I am.

What are three words to describe your camp experience?

Unique, Traditions, Sportsmanship

What is your favorite/most epic camp memory?  

My first summer – I was 7 – and day 2 I was sick – spiked a fever which landed me in the infirmary for over a week.  The night of July 4th – Our camp put on this incredible firework display on the field right outside the infirmary.  The fireworks weren’t just for our camp, but for the entire town of Kent.  There were hundreds and hundreds of people on the field.  I was sitting on the porch of the infirmary – and as my bunk walked by to take their seats – they all sang – on the top of their lungs a camp cheer  “We love you Jodi, oh yes we do, we don’t love anyone as much as you, Oh Jodi we MISS you”….I remember tearing up and feeling so special and so loved – and from that day on…I was hooked on camp…still am!

Favorite camp memento?

Big gold spray painted water ski I have sitting in my parents basement – I was voted “best water skier upper camp” in ’87 and that was my “trophy”.

Fun Facts

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