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A parents’ note from the heart reflecting on their sleepaway campers first time adventure at overnight camp.

Dear [Camper],

I’m writing this letter to you…but after thinking about it, I decided not to give it to you until after camp is over…Why?

Daddy and I think camp is such a magical place.  But it’s not about US.

It’s YOUR place and YOUR feelings!!!

I don’t want to tell you how I felt at camp or how daddy felt at camp.

I want YOU to feel and experience everything on your own.  Those feelings should be discovered by YOU. The excitement, the nerves, the sadness, the happiness, the butterflies, the confusion, the gratitude, the spirit, the victories, and the passion.

But what I can tell is that Camp Lokanda is a very special safe place.  A place that is all about friendship, the beauty of the outdoors (digital detox!!!…you won’t even miss it), the excitement of waking up to each new day full of sports/activities, contagious camp spirit and true friends.  Oh and Ronen’s chocolate chip pancakes that I wouldn’t give you at home.

It is about experiences and lessons that build GRIT, self-esteem and lasting character. (GRIT…single most important, but will save that for another time).

We’re so excited for you and this new big girl adventure. We’re here keeping your bedroom locked and cheering you on from afar, beaming with excitement at the thought of all the new things you will be doing for the FIRST time.

We love you and can’t wait for you to share your summer with us..swapping stories (if you care to listen to ours!)

The amazing, the bad, and the ugly.  Although there really isn’t bad and ugly…it’s camp. It’s all magical.

Love you!

Mommy & Daddy

When you find the best sleepaway camp for your child, magical things can happen. And there is no better gift to share with the one you love!

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