unplugging at sleepaway camp

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Step. Away. From. The. Screens.

Here at Summer 365 HQ, we strive to get that summer feeling all year round. And part of that feeling is getting away from the routine, getting outside, and connecting with the people around us. So, if you’re feeling cooped up and zonked out this winter, take a page out of your kids’ books: no technology allowed.

Yes, it can seem daunting, but a digital detox can be the best way to shake things up – just look at the wonders it does for your kids each summer! Here’s our advice:

  1. Have activity periods: schedule fun, camp-like time on the weekends, where you plan tech-free events. Let your kids choose their favorite electives and plan the day themselves!
  2. Plan for in-the-bunk time: on days when it’s too cold to get outside, instead of turning on the TV, plan a rest hour that’s interactive.
  3. Team work makes the dream work: if you’re off your phone, your kids will follow suit. You will feel the benefits too, we promise!

Check out this clip from Today to get even more useful tips on how to disconnect, and reconnect, all at once. Spread the summer cheer!


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