At the outset of every summer, sleepaway camps welcome new campers. These first-time explorers arrive with wide eyes and wild expectations. But what discoveries await them?

Camp creates a truly unique world — and this list provides a glimpse into the path that new campers will soon know intimately.

Bunks & Bunkmates—When new campers first arrive, they quickly familiarize themselves with the cabin they’ll call home. Campers have the opportunity to explore their bunks, bathroom and common areas. Perhaps most importantly, they’ll meet the bunkmates with whom they will embark on this journey.

The Lay of the Land—For many new campers, navigating a seemingly-endless paradise is both daunting and exhilarating. First-time explorers will survey the unchartered territory they now call home. Soon they will know every inch of the geography like the back of their hand as they fall in love with camp.

A World of Opportunity—One of the most incredible aspects of camp is that it offers exposure to a plethora of activities and hobbies that campers may have never experienced. A young city-dweller may discover her inner-rock climber, or a land-locked hockey star may unearth his passion for waterskiing.

There’s Something In the Air—One discovery that every young camper will make is that there’s something different about camp. Perhaps it’s camp pride, but the environment and energy of a summer camp is truly unique and powerful — and new campers will feel it in the air as soon as they arrive.