5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Summer Camp

9.22.14 by

Styling credit: hatch creative studio; Photo credit: Dave Robbins Photography

Summer may be officially over (it’s September 22 already?!), but we are here to give you 5 reasons to fall in love with summer and camp all over again…


1. Learned how to make the best-ever s’mores, and can now make them whenever, wherever.

2. Lived in a bunk long enough to miss giant sleepovers, so you now have to plan them every weekend with his/her camp besties.

3. Traded enough clothing at camp to have an entire new wardrobe for school.

4. Played intercamp games, in tournaments, leagues, and participated in Color War/Olympics/ Tribals, so basically they have the best teamwork and leadership skills to kill it on their Fall sports team.

5. Took one million pics (and/or posed for countless pictures available on the camp website)! So now put their arts and crafts skills to good use and make this year’s summer scrapbook!

And of course… they are already passing the cooler days of Fall and Winter by counting down until Summer 2015! We are too #summer2015countdown is in full effect!

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