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As so many of you start preparing for your child to go to sleepaway camp for the first time this summer – I thought it would be helpful to re-share a list I created for my clients this past holiday season. 

While I truly stand behind the notion that camp is the actual gift – we all appreciate that you’re going to buy them things and thought this could be helpful information for you to have. Please do keep in mind though that many of these items last up to 3 years – so if you choose wisely, you will get a few years out of them!

A helpful tip, having 2 daughters already at camp, is to avoid anything ultra trendy such as a pattern (emojis, unicorns, I’m looking at you!). Classic colors and metallics will pretty much ensure you won’t be doing this again next year!

I hope the list I’ve created is beneficial to you – and obviously you can go as crazy or minimal as you want. Some camps do have restrictions on items so always double check (happy to help with this!). If you have ANY questions at all, please let me, or ANY of the S365 team, know – and if you find any great items I’d love to know about it to share with the greater camp community.  In recent years we have been creating shop camp events which have been really well received and we have upcoming ones in Westchester, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Long Island & New York City. If you would like further information on any of these – please let us know – we would love to see you there. We are so incredibly excited for your camper to start this journey and will be there for you every step of the way. 

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