Happy Father's Day | Dad Reflections on Sleepaway Camp

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In honor of Father’s Day, we share reflections from two amazing dads on the camp experience. Alan is the father of two daughters, who are former campers, and Chris is a father sending his daughter to camp for the first time this summer. We love each of their perspectives from different aspects of the camp journey.

By: Proud Father of 2 former campers, Alan Wormser

I think if you asked both my girls, one a 23 year old and the other a 20 year old, they would say camp is their favorite place on this earth. Both went to the same camp for 10 years each.

Whats so special?

Lets try to figure this out. You get to go spend 7 weeks away from your normal life…to a place on a lake…and get to sleep in a room with 10 or so of your best friends.

What to do?

You get up in the morning and till your head hits the pillow again, you spend your days running around, laughing, and doing what makes you happy.  You learn new skills whether that be in sports or in the water or in the theatre, that you don’t necessarily have the chance to do anywhere else.  And because it’s away from what I will call, your other friends and your home life and everyone else is doing it, it is maybe easier to try new things.

Most importantly to me, or from what I have seen, the best part of camp is the friendships that are built. I have come to find out through my girls that camp friends are life friends. To this day, camp friends are part of my girls every day lives both directly and indirectly. Not only do they see and talk to each other ALL THE TIME, but also these relationships are fantastic networks to new friends and new relationships whether that be in college or in their work lives.

I am just happy that I was able to give them the opportunity to go for all those years. While not a cheap expense, it was the greatest investment that continues to provide returns every day. And that is priceless to me as a father.

By: Excited father of first time camper, Chris Moccia


As parents, we are always looking for ways to pass along the wonderful opportunities and traditions that were handed down to us by our own parents and grandparents.  But as a young father, I remember asking myself, “Why stop there?”

I remember coming to the realization that, as a young dad with 2 kids of my own, I had the amazing opportunity of not only continuing family traditions, but I could start my own – there was no need to limit myself.  As a dad to an amazing 11 year old daughter and an amazing 5 year old son, I’m happy to say they’re experiencing some of the awesome things I did as a kid, but that they’ve also been able to experience some that I never did.  This summer marks the first summer that my daughter will go to sleepaway camp – and a summer we may very well begin our own tradition, one that can be passed down to my grandkids.  (Yikes – did I just say grandkids??)

In talking with a friend and eventually being hooked up with Summer 365, I realized that this opportunity, while a stretch, was within my reach.  As I began to research camps and speak with members of Summer 365 and camp directors, I realized what an amazing gift we’d be giving to Wenona.  After a few weeks, we settled on an amazing camp in the NY Catskills.  Yesterday was their new camper day at camp – where Wenona was able to meet lots of the staff, the other rookie campers (and some returning ones) and get a feel for a day in the life of a camper.  While of course still a bit nervous, we both drove home from camp super-excited!  “We” can’t wait for “our” first day of camp!  Thank you to Summer 365 (and especially Lauren Kasnett) for introducing me to the world of summer camp.  I am beyond grateful to share this gift with Wenona.

Summer 365 wishes all the dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

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