Happy Birthday Israel!

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Blue and white may be your camp colors, but today, the whole country of Israel is sporting those colors in honor of National Independence Day.  Today is Israel’s 66th birthday!  People throughout the country and around the world are celebrating the creation of one of the most beautiful and inspiring countries in the world.

For teens and older campers out there who are looking for a change in summer activity, consider a trip to Israel!  There are tons of programs that send thousands of kids to Israel every year.  It is a great alternative to a typical teen tour, and the perfect extension for kids who have gone to Jewish day camps or sleepaway camps.  These tours don’t necessarily have religious pretenses, but they definitely can if that is what you’re looking for.  Summers in Israel include hiking up Masada, sleeping in the desert, exploring city life (and the beach!) in Tel Aviv, riding camels, and visiting important historical locations.  The values that they teach on these trips are invaluable, especially for older kids who are looking for a meaningful, exciting, eye-opening, and sometimes spiritual summer experience.

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So, in honor of the national holiday, break out that white and blue, eat some hummus (we definitely will!), and even learn some Hebrew words!

Shalom: hello, goodbye, peace

Yom Ha’atzmaut: Independence Day

Sababa: cool, all good!

Kaitana: camp

Kaitz: summer

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