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It’s here… the day we have all been waiting for… the day that has been marked on our calendars since last summer… it’s JUNE 21ST, THE FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SUMMER!  We are so excited to celebrate our favorite time of year with all of you, and we hope you are ready for what is going to be an amazing summer!  Whether your child is heading off to sleepaway camp for the first time, going back for their fifth summer, or starting on a new adventure, we hope they enjoy every minute of it!  And for all you parents and former campers who are feeling those nostalgic pangs that we feel every June 21st, here are the Top 10 Feelings Only Campers Will Understand… we know you get us.

Top 10 Feelings Only Campers Will Understand

1. Butterflies when pulling up to camp

2. Reuniting with your camp family on the first day of camp

3. When it’s grilled cheese for lunch

4. Seeing your crush at a social

5. When the hottest counselor on boys side (or girls side) learns your name

6. When you’re the last shower

7. When it’s a rainy day schedule

8. When you spy your parents on visiting day

9. Feeling so full you could explode after trying to eat all of your food from visiting day

10. Winning color war

HAPPY SUMMER!! For more feelings only campers will understand check out our latest post on Buzzfeed!

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