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10.1.15 by

Today is the day to veg out and give peas a chance! It’s World Vegetarian Day! We are all about fruits, veggies, and healthy eating and living at Summer 365, especially during the summer months at camp!

So we are taking a moment at the Summer 365 HCO to think about all the delicious camp eats and treats your child is trying at camp. And no, we don’t mean those sweets at the canteen or s’mores by the campfire!

We have noticed a trend at many sleepaway camps where they are making a concerted effort to offer healthier options and committed to nutritious foods and eating. The dining halls are chock full of fruits and veggies during snack and meal times. Also many camps have planted organic gardens, which they have not only included as an activity on the schedule but also use the fruits and veggies grown in their cooking programs!

Stay tuned for more info on nutritious eating and living at camp and all the yummy foods coming out of the dining hall and fun new activities and programming at sleepaway camps


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