Like finding your partner or the right wedding dress, so often you just know when you’ve found the one. As matchmakers, we are here to help guide the camp search and new relationship to take your status from dating to enrolled ;)


Summer 365 Pro Tips:

Once you’ve identified camps that meet your top criteria, it’s so important to connect with the people that run the camp. We’ve always believed camps are run from the top down. The Owners/Directors and their leadership teams are an important window into camp culture. They set the tone for the camp’s philosophy as well as the staff and families they attract. They are the heartbeat of the camp. The connection and chemistry you feel to those running the camp is possibly the single most important factor in the decision making process. So this year in particular, you can gain valuable insight from meeting on screen or maybe even in person and learn about camp first-hand from the Director or a member of the leadership team. You can Zoom right into a a face-to-face conversation and a virtual tour of the camp. And plus, if you are deciding between two or more camps, it will be integral in helping you determine the right fit.

Additionally, while we are firm believers that camp should be a parent led process, we think it’s important to include your child. It will help empower them, ease any anxiety, and build their comfort level. But where do you go from there?? So often we find that parents and children get that lovey-dovey, butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of feeling. This is you will know that it’s the right camp for you and your child! So much of the process is about a gut feeling and following your intuition.

Feeling stuck or need some guidance on taking the next step? We have some fun exercises and strategies to help assist you in making the final decision. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Summer 365 or your advisor. We got you and want to make sure it’s a match made in camp heaven.