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Here's how it works
(Hint: It's easy)

1. Phone a Friend:Your Summer 365 Counselor

For starters, there’s a kickoff call with an expert from our team. The person on the other end of the line isn’t someone reading from a script or a glossy brochure. Summer 365 Counselors are friendly experts with first-hand knowledge of our incredible network of summer camps and programs. They’ll be happy to address your camp or program criteria including budget, location, session length, your child’s interests, and any questions or concerns your family may have.

2. Look, we match!

After we get acquainted, we’ll use the important information gathered from the initial consultation to create a customized list of camps and/or programs that we will send right to your inbox.

3. Check your mailbox. Research. Repeat.

Based on your preferences, the camps and programs we recommend will send a friendly introduction and their brochures and videos directly to your mailbox (your inbox and the one with real mail).

4. Call or click, we'll answer.

Like a modern-day Sherpa, we’re here to help guide you and your family to a sound decision. If you ever have a question along the way, feel free to contact us. give us feedback on our recommendations, narrow down the list Any questions? Just call. Answers are only phone call away.

5. Decisions, decisions.​

We understand. There’s a lot riding on your selection. Just know that we’re here to help. We’ve traveled, interviewed, inspected, and have gotten to know all the camps and programs we recommend. Our business—and your trust—depends on it. Along the way, we’ll send valuable materials, plus provide guidance via phone, email, video conferencing, or even in person. We’ll also help plan for home visits, camp tours, and so on.

6. Let's K.I.T.

We’re excited to hear about the camp or program you’ve chosen. So please keep in touch (K.I.T.)! Give us a call or send us a quick email, so we can celebrate your child’s new summer home. We also want to know about their overall experience. At Summer 365, our relationship doesn’t end when the seasons change.

7. Watch 365 do a 360.

At Summer 365, our relationship doesn’t end when the seasons change. Our service is full circle! Once your child has returned home, we will send a post summer survey and schedule a follow-up call to discuss your child’s experience to get valuable feedback and insight.

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