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Love, Camp

In the spirit of the month of love, we have really focused on what we love about camp. What we love about our jobs finding the perfect fit of a camp for our families.  What we loved about our own camp experiences & our children’s camp experiences.  What we love about the summer.  We’ve also spoken to a bunch of campers and directors about things about camp they love.  It is beyond amazing to look at camp through both a campers and directors eyes, to really see what they see.

We spoke to Lauren Rutkowski – the owner and director of Camp IHC – to hear some aspects of what she loves about her job.  She shared with us this beautiful piece they ran this past summer about their makeup free policy, and we feel lucky to be able to share it with you.

At IHC, they encourage campers be authentic and an unfiltered version of themselves. This policy is meant to provide a powerful platform for campers to be the best and truest version of themselves. In this article they interview two females, one camper and one counselor, to share what this philosophy and way of living means to them at camp.

This message really resonated with us, especially in a world where nothing children see online anymore is real. Everything is edited and photoshopped usually for the sake of gaining more likes or followers.  One of our most favorite aspects about camp is these kids get to get away from all that, to be themselves, their real selves. They get to be kids.  Camps across the country, no matter their stance on makeup, facilitate this incredible unplugged environment and teach children invaluable important 21st century skills needed to thrive in life like 1) Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 2) Creativity & Innovation 3). Communication & Collaboration. Not all classrooms have four walls, and camp is a magical place for kids to grow and learn socially, emotionally, and developmentally.

Take a peek at the article and video when you have a chance – it is worth every second of it.

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