Make Your Campers Bunk Their Home Away From Home

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Spring is officially here and we are just one season away from sun and summer fun! Now is the time to prepare and get you and your camper ready for the summer of a lifetime.

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Getting goodies to decorate your bunk is one of the most exciting parts! Here are our top ten ways to make your camper’s bunk their home away from home!!

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Top 10 Tips to Make Your Camper’s Bunk Their Home Away From Home

1. Bring your favorite pictures from home – a wall collage or even a photo-pillow will make your space familiar and fun, and it’s something to share with your new camp BFFs!

2. Choose bedding that states your personality and makes you feel happy in your own space. Your bunk is going to be the ultimate hot spot to hang, so fill it with the cushiest pillows, rugs, and blankets.

3. Don’t forget your favorite pillow or stuffed animal to sleep with – everyone does it, you’ll see!

4. A cozy sweatshirt from dad or mom’s signature perfume sprayed on a pillow will give you the ultimate comfort in times of homesickness.

5. Fat Heads of your favorite teams and players, or posters of your ultimate celebrity crushes are a great way connect… who knows, maybe your bunkmate is obsessed with Ariana Grande or Stephen Curry too!

6. Pump up the music! IPOD or NANO (whatever your camp allows) and speakers in the bunk to play your favorite tunes are essential… and for those hot days in the pool? Water speakers! Can anyone say pool party?! 

7. Rest hour is the best hour, right?! Good books (get in that summer reading!) and fun magazines with interactive quizzes are a great way to kick back and relax with your buds.

8. Your friends from home are probably having a great summer too – write to them! Gather the letters you get back and hang them up, share with your camp friends, or make into a fun scrapbook collection.

9. No food allowed in the bunks, obviously… but decorate your bed with tons of delicious decorative pillows in the shape of your favorite food or candies.

10. Jacks, jacks, and more jacks… well, maybe there are other games too. But bring your favorite game into the bunk (Uno, Banangrams, Mad Libs) for those rainy days and laid-back nights. Bonding over the silliest things will become your best memories.

Special number 11: Tell us your tips on making a bunk your home away from home! What made your summers amazing — share it with us! We’re decorating our own Summer 365 HCO with pics of your creative summer ideas, so tag us on Instagram and Twitter with #Summer365, and follow our summer journey on Facebook! 

Welcome to our world, where summer isn’t a season – it’s a lifestyle, and we are planning for it 365 days a year!


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