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Happy National Siblings Day!

Camp brothers and sisters come from far and wide, and from right at home!

Going away with a brother or sister can be a great way to get acclimated to a new camp environment.  It also can forge a special bond between two siblings that may or may not be that close when they are at home, but open up and grow together when they are away from their parents. At a co-ed camp, it is so easy for brothers and sisters to go to camp together, but still have separate and distinct friends and lives.  Even at an all-boys or all-girls camp, siblings (of the same sex) will be in different age groups, different bunks, and can have totally separate days, while still having the comfort of knowing their sibling is just down the hill from their bunk.

Brother-sister camps are also a great way for siblings (of the opposite sex) to have a camp experience together, without feeling like one is overshadowing the other.  Often, these camps have brother-sister visits or socials together – another great time for your son and daughter to hang out and meet each other’s friends – but are otherwise separated down the road or across the lake.  These camps typically hold the same values, and are run similarly, but will provide your child unique experiences that they can totally call their own!

Everlasting friendships are made with camp friends.  After living with them for sometimes over 10 years, they basically feel like family!  Camp friends will be true sisters or brothers for life, even if they are not blood related.  Many camps further this phenomenon by creating “camp sisters/brothers.”  The younger half of the campers are considered the “littles” and the older campers get the honor of being “bigs.”  Big sisters and brothers are often assigned before the camp season starts, so the bigs can contact the littles and get them so excited for their summer together!  Once at camp, the bigs help the littles get acclimated to camp life and act as a support system throughout the whole summer.

Little sisters look up to their big sisters so much, and often consider them as temporary moms or real big sisters for the summer.  And, in turn, big sisters are always so excited to get assigned a little, so they can share their amazing experiences with someone who is just starting out.  So, if you have a young camper who is getting those pre-summer jitters, call up the camp and ask if they have a big/little program.  If they don’t, you have no reason to worry!  Older campers are always ecstatic to help out the younger kids and take them under their wing.  So, even if you hear that your cousin’s daughter’s friend is going to your camp, reach out!  Kids who love camp want other kids to LOVE camp too!

Everyone knows that summer is a time for kids to escape on their own, forge their own path, and start to gain some independence from their parents.  But, sometimes escaping with someone else can be even more fun!

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