Are you really a FREE service?

Yes, we’re a complimentary advisory service. We know sending your child away to camp or off to a summer program is a big financial commitment. That’s why we provide our service at no cost to you. This way, you can put your money towards giving your child the gift of summer. If you pick a camp or program recommended by Summer 365, we receive a commission from that camp or program after your child attends. There is never an obligation once you receive information and working with us will not affect your tuition. We are an unbiased service and our recommendations are never influenced by commissions. Our Summer 365 Counselors take pride in our detailed research and the time spent getting to know each of the camps and programs in our network. Please give us the courtesy of calling us first before you contact any camps or programs. This will ensure our service remains free.

Can we meet you in person?

Absolutely. Let’s grab a cup of coffee or tea sometime. If you’re not local, we’ll make a time to video conference with you on Google Chat or Skype. We’re happy to work according to your schedule. After all, getting to know our clients is really important to us—and one of the things we enjoy most. 

Ok, we really want to work with you. Now what?

Good choice. We’ll make this process easy and fun. Just give us a call or submit a contact form online. We’ll begin with a phone consultation and get the ball rolling. And once that ball is rolling, we don’t stop it until we help select the best, personalized summer experience for your kid.

How do you know so much about all of these camps and programs?

Every summer we lace up our hiking boots and travel all over the country—visiting our Summer 365 network of sleepaway camps and programs. We get a first-hand view of their activities, their facilities, what’s new, and what makes them unique. We love visiting the directors and seeing the camps and programs in action

I’ve got a question that, apparently, isn’t asked frequently!

Email inf[email protected] to get any and all questions you have answered!