We could give you a hundred reasons why you should choose us.

But since we make everything easy, here’s ten.

Our Manifesto
1We’re here to make your life easier—to act as the team of translators, counselors, coaches, navigators, and research junkies you need to select that perfect summer experience.
2Our expertise is a legacy passed down through our family and provided to yours because we believe that a fulfilling summer can hold treasured memories and friendships, while also acting as a core growth and developmental milestone.
3We’re advocates of independence. Summers spent away from home provide kids the space and freedom they need to forge a sense of identity and navigate real-life responsibilities and experiences. Summer is fun, but it’s so much more.
4We’re a team built of mothers and former campers, counselors, and camp directors. We have endless enthusiasm and passion for our work. That positive, personal touch is what makes us feel less like just a team you hired and more like trusted friends whose opinions you respect. We know you’ll feel the unique energy that comes from us loving what we do.
5We pride ourselves on being responsive and communicative. We’re parents, too. We understand that when it comes to your children, you want to speak to an actual person to help you with such an important decision. You will work one on one with a Summer 365 counselor to help find the right summer experience for your child.
6We tailor our services and insights to each child. We ask thoughtful and considerate questions to make sure we understand exactly what is desired and required. Then we listen. Yes, we’re great listeners.
7We’re well connected and up to speed. Our Summer 365 Counselors travel the country—visiting our network of camps and programs in person. We make it our business to know the latest information, industry knowledge, and trends so we can provide you the greatest options.
8You’ll always leave our service feeling confident, reassured, and brimming with the peace of mind that comes knowing you have made the right, sound, and safe decisions for your child’s summer plans.
9We’re a resource for our clients year round because thinking about—and preparing for— summer can be a full-time job. We bring friendliness, fun, and personality to a task that for many parents feels like an overwhelming and exhausting chore. You’ll be so happy it’s our full-time job and not yours.
10We consider a great summer experience a gift that parents give their children, but not every parent can afford to deliver such a gift. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help them do so with GIVE SUM—our special scholarship fund that will help bring more sunshine, smiles, and summer fun to kids everywhere.