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Nothing says summer camp like making new friends. And those people you meet, the ones that you share your time with, they shape who you are and what you become.

Here at Summer 365, we live the summer camp code. And when we met Abby Shapiro, a 19-year veteran of camp and teen program consulting, we knew we’d be fast friends. Abby shares our mission, our philosophy, and our approach to working with families. She shares our passions for providing children with unique sleepaway camp and summer program experiences. In short, she’s cut from the exact same cloth we are.

And now, it’s our great pleasure to announce that Abby has joined the Summer 365 family.

Coming to us from CampSource—her own camp consulting firm—Abby has a strong track record of finding perfect camp placements for children around the country. She brings warmth, hard work, and follow-through to every family she encounters,  welcoming kids to their new getaways, their new friends, their new homes away from home. She’s single-handedly changed thousands of children’s lives, and as she comes on board with Summer 365, that number is certain to grow.

As Abby becomes more involved in Summer 365, expect to see her positive impact reach through all facets of our organization. If there’s an interaction we can improve, a relationship we can build, a placement we can make even more perfect, we’ll do it. Because while we believe that Summer 365 offers the best of summer camp and program placement consulting, we know that with more passionate team members like Abby, we’re one step closer to providing the best possible experience for you and your child.

Please join us in helping Abby to feel right at home. We can’t wait to see where this incredible friendship takes us next!


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  • John Behrend says:

    You found us Kingswood Camp which has been a great fit. Mark is now 15 (will be 16 in April). He is considering Rustic Pathways service in Thailand combining elephants and kids. Your feedback would be appreciated.

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