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We can’t believe it, it’s June already!  You know what that means… camp is on the way!  We are so excited for the summer to begin, and we hope you and your campers are too!  Soon enough, those duffle bags will be shipped off the camp, so if you are still looking for that perfect gift or cozy blanket, check out these amazing products.  These items have been tested and stamped with the Summer 365 Approval, so we know that your kids are gonna love ‘em.  From the bare necessities to the cutest accessories, check out our tips on packing for summer camp (as featured on our NBC segment)!

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Mabel’s Labels / Label Daddy … or a good ole Sharpie! 

Mabels Labels Summer 365

Label everything. Yes, everything! It’s just one of those necessary chores that will help ensure that most things will return home with your camper. This principle applies to all clothing items worn head to toe, plus sports equipment, small games, and even toiletries. If you were to visit a camp, you’d quickly learn why this is a necessity. There’s constant hustle and bustle going on at the waterfront, athletic fields, and cabins—where towels, shirts, shoes, and gear are thrown everywhere. In this kind of wonderful chaos, children can easily forget their belongings.

Mabel’s Labels and Label Daddy offer cute, colorful, extra-durable, waterproof labels – perfect for everything from clothing to shoes, bags, sports bottles, toiletries, books and more!  Label Daddy is offering our Summer 365 family a 20% discount. Just use the code Summer 365 at checkout. Get yours here.

You can also opt for the old fashioned (and inexpensive) way and grab sharpie and write your camper’s initial everywhere!


Travel Hoodie Pillow 

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Another Summer 365-tested product that we just can’t get enough of!  From the very beginning of the camp journey — on the bus or plane ride to camp — to lounging around the bunk during rest hour, your camper’s comfort is key!  We love this travel hoodie pillow from Dormify!  It’s perfect for boys and girls who want that stylish shut-eye. Visit DORMIFY to shop camp and get 20% off all their amazing camp gear (and anything sitewide) with our exclusive discount code: SUMMER365!

Comfy Sheets and Cute Throw Blankets 

Screenshot 2014-06-01 08.55.23

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These super-soft sheets and blankets from Dormify will make any camper feel right at home!  The jersey sheets come in so many colors, and we especially love this aztec-themed throw blanket that will spice up their area.  Have your camper pick out their favorite colors, and they will be so excited to sleep in their new bed! (p.s. we teamed up with Dormify to bring you all our must haves for summer – check them out)

Autograph Pillows 

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knicks pillow

Perfect for your campers who want to add their own style to their space, these autograph pillows come in so many varieties, and are perfect for cuddling in bed and hanging with friends. They also make an amazing keepsake at the end of the summer after all their campers friends and bunkmates have signed it! Great selections available from Everything Camper and Confetti and Friends.

Egg Crates

Basically the number one essential to make the coziest bed that will eventually become to go-to hang out spot in your child’s bunk!  You can find these are Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, and trust us, your camper will thank you.


Pictures of Friends and Family

Put together a homemade collage, or get one printed!  This is a great way for kids to share their home memories with their new camp friends, or be comforted in times of homesickness.  Campers love sticking their photos on every inch of their bunk wall, so why not make it a lil’ fancy?  Send your kids colorful clothespins and string to drape their pictures on the wall, or use awesome photo editors and stickers to glam up their cabin space!


camp stationery

Pink Doodle Seal-n-Send


Seal and Send stationery from Bonnie Marcus is perfect for first-time and young campers to make letter writing home super easy and fun!  Pack pre-labeled and stamped envelopes in camper’s stationery box, even letters home to Mom and Dad. You’d be surprised by how many little ones struggle with envelopes. Plus, Aunt Gussie is def not getting that letter you promised, unless it’s over-the-top-easy for your camper to send.  And yes, if you were skeptical, kids still write letters home (via actual snail-mail)! Use our special discount code SUMMER20 to receive 20% off.


Bug Repellent Bracelets


Let’s face it, everyone hates bug spray with it’s gross smell and sticky texture, but it is definitely a necessity at camp.  So, this is the most perfect invention!  Get rid of those pesky bugs with this bug-repellent bracelet!  The chicest way to stay bug-free this summer!

All Natural Glitter Sunscreen

We have tried this genius product first-hand from Glitter Tots, and the verdict is… we love it!!!  For younger campers, this is the perfect way to make sure they are completely covered with SPF — wherever there is no glitter, they are missing sunscreen.  This fruity, sparkly sunscreen is great-smelling and made with antioxidants and BPA free, non-metallic glitter, so it’s completely safe for kids, and completely fun!!!  You can get this awesome new product at or at


Fashion meets function with these super cute, soft flip-flops for girls, boys, tweens and teens.  The heart, stars, and circular-shaped holes on the soles of the flops work as a drainage system to keep bacteria at bay and are slip resistant making them perfect for summer camp.  With Showaflops on your feet, your camper will be the star of shower hour, and you’ll never have to worry about icky feet!  Find these at

what to pack for sleepaway camp

And, check out Head C0-founders and Counselors Lauren and Susan’s segment on NBC News!

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