It's science! Sleepaway Camp Friends are the Best Friends...

11.9.14 by

NEWS ALERT!!! While it is no surprise the bonds built at sleepaway camp are as strong as oak, now there is scientific evidence that explains (and proves) that camp friends really are the best friends. A recent study discovered that the way we experience nostalgia can have a tremendous impact on how our relationships develop. According to the findings, the shared experiences of youth build much stronger relationships than similarities in taste, interest or background. Simply put, group experiences create stronger friendships and connections amongst people rather than just having shared interests alone.

Camp is one giant group activity on many different levels. From all camp evening activities and special events to division and bunk activities and even just a shared elective period with a friend, there are endless group experiences. Sleepaway camp is the largest playground and classroom for children to grow, evolve, and learn.

Like Jack Johnson says “it’s always better when we’re together,” and for camp friends that could not be truer. #campfriendsarethebestfriends

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