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Dear Parents,

Sing it with us now…”all my bags are packed and I’m ready to go.” And now, the time has come for your camper to get on the bus for the first time… or maybe this is his or her tenth time! The only thing left to do is say goodbye – one of the hardest things for a parent to do. Believe it or not, no matter which year at camp this will be, there are always choked-up goodbyes and tear-filled sunglasses from everyone waving as the buses roll off. Sending your child to camp is an emotionally filled event full of excitement and anxiety tugging your heart strings in both directions. It’s so important to remember that you are sending your child to the best place in the world, and you are giving your child a priceless experience. Your camper will carry with them all the values that you taught them. You did your job to prepare them, now it’s their job to enjoy the upcoming weeks. As your child springs onto the bus with their stuffed animals or favorite pillows hugged tightly under their arms, you’ll know it is time to let them go (back) to their summer home.

As a parting gift at the bus stop, here is a fun DIY and heartfelt present to give your child, the classic bus note! This is an opportunity to write a special and encouraging message to your child so they have something to read when they are on the bus or arrive at camp!  Remind them of how excited you are that they are embarking on the best summer ever! It’s also a little keepsake your camper can save and re-read the first few days of camp should any homesickness kick in. So give your child a big hug, reassuring smile, hand them a bus note, and send them on their way for the summer of a lifetime.

Keys to writing the best bus note:

– Write your letter on fun paper or stationary, it is always more fun to read a letter that pops!

– Use their nickname! It will make your camper smile as they read your letter.

– Don’t be too mushy, be excited for your camper!!

– Tell them how excited you are to hear about the activities that they will do and the friends that they will make!

– Remind its okay if they lose a shirt in the laundry…

– And of course, sign it with X’s and O’s!

bus note


 p.s….  You just gave your child the best gift of all: sleepaway camp! So enjoy your summer knowing that your child is having the time of their life!


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