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Who: Directors Ali Leipzig and Michelle Goldblum in partnership with Stephanie and Mitch Reiter, the Owners and Directors of Camp Towanda, invited campers from far and wide to join them in the first annual Soul Camp.

What: Soul Camp 2014 is a 3­day, 3­night adult sleepaway camp for the soul to immerse in everything mind/body/spirit. The weekend is devoted to taking campers one step further in creating a life full of joy, play, transformation, and deep fulfilling relationships. A place to open their mind, heart, and let their soul play free.

Where: Camp Towanda, Honesdale, PA

Summer 365 Recap: We had the pleasure of attending Soul Camp for the day. Sleepaway camp… for adults. You had us at hello!  The best part of Soul Camp were the overall camp vibes that were pouring out all around us. We got there on Friday morning, and the rest of the camp had arrived the night before. Already, we could tell that amazing friendships had been formed, and it’s all because of the camp spirit that was shared there! In the morning, we walked around the campus and were amazed not only at all of the activities that were being offered, but also at how much it actually felt like true camp! Cue the fireworks and nostalgic warm and fuzzies (that we felt all day long). Throughout the day, the bugle was blown, there were announcements over the loudspeaker, and the counselors could be seen walking around camp in their rad tie dye Soul Camp shirts, making sure everyone was having a blast.

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There were five periods in the day, just like at camp, and you got to choose which you wanted to attend. There was a wide range of activities to choose from offered by top notch instructors such as yoga, meditation, bootcamp and dance, boating at the waterfront, nature walks, Buti aerobics classes, breath work, intenSati, organic farming, arts & crafts, and soo much more!

We arrived just in time for 2nd activity period and heard from the Directors that Energy Work was the way to go.  The instructor Dr. David Mehler, founder of Vikaz (network chiropractic energy work that heals the mind, body, and soul and is focused on tending to the spine) assessed our spines and analyzed our energy.  It was amazing to try something so different and new and to know that someone already had our back. During the third activity we spent time frolicking around camp and checking out all that camp had to offer. After that, we headed to the dining hall for lunch, where they were offering an amazing selection of healthy foods and snacks for the camp to enjoy. It was not your typical camp food. There was kale salad, falafel, avocado, and chia seed pudding. Oh my! Then there was rest hour (the best hour!) and everyone went back to their bunks to relax (and maybe even play a game of jacks…) and we headed to the lake to enjoy the sunshine and play with the camp dog, Casper! For our last period, we went to the camp garden for Organic Farming 101 with Quinn Asteak, and we learned all about farming, organic foods, healthy eating, and even got to taste some fresh tomatoes, straight from the vine. It was an amazing day filled with delicious food, thought provoking conversation, fun and nourishing entertainment and tons of activity for the mind, body, and spirit.

Soul Camp

Soul Camp is an awesome place for adults who want to reconnect with their inner camper, and also for those who have never gone to camp, but want to see what all the hype is about. Their three basics, play, exploration, and untamed joy, were definitely felt in this place, and we are so happy we got to be a part of it. We wished we could have been there all weekend, so we are definitely signing up for camp next summer! Speaking of which, plans for 2015 are already underway.

Director Alison Leipzig recounted the weekend for Summer 365, “Soul Camp blew our minds and hearts wide open. It’s the people that make camp camp- and the Soul Campers that showed up, showed up so fully and enthusiastically that camp ended up being a place that we could have only dreamed of. People met their best friends, got tattoos to remind themselves of who they are, had a-ha moments left and right, and laughed so hard they were crying. Everyone that was present felt how special and unique Soul Camp is and they are all coming back next year. Next year we will be adding one more day to the weekend and adding new and exciting programming!”

See you next year Soul Camp. We were honored to get to witness the magic and congratulate you on on a successful, innovative, and ground breaking event. Three cheers for the whole Soul Camp team…hip, hip, hooray!

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