Top 12 Things for New Campers To Do At Sleepaway Camp

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By: Peri Meltzer, Summer 365 Camper Correspondent

Hi my name is Peri Meltzer! This summer will be my 8th summer at camp and I am completely camp obsessed! Everyone who knows me knows that red and grey are my favorite colors. In 2008 I was the youngest camper at seven years old! Even at such a young age I fell in love with camp from the moment I saw the video at home. I got on the camp bus and never looked back. My greatest memory from camp was being the youngest and standing in front of everyone, being asked if there should be color war that summer (it’s camp tradition that after the youngest girl and boy campers are asked, color war has to break within 48 hours!). Of course I said yes! I am so excited to be a Summer 365 Camper Correspondent and share my insider camper perspective with you. Camp is truly my second home and where I have met my best friends in the world.



Summer ’15 Bucket List | Top 12 Things for New Campers To Do At Sleepaway Camp

1. Eat s’mores at a campfire … who cares if you get marshmallow all over your face!


2. Tutus, bows, whistles, and face paint, and crazy camp spirit are necessary for your complete color war experience! If you lose your voice from cheering for your team, that’s pretty cool too!

color war

3. Build a camp wrist! Learn to make and stack as many bracelets on your wrist as you can. You will love going back to school with a camp wrist and dread the day your mom makes you take them off. That means camp is officially over.

friendship bracelets

4. Shower in the rain in  your bathing suit…shampooing your hair is a must!

5. Find the counselor who does the best french braids! It is also pretty cool if that counselor becomes like a big sister who will be there for you if you are homesick.

french braid

6. Let loose and relax! Don’t worry about what you do at home. Try all the new things! Who knew camp garlic bread would rock? Or swimming in the lake would be more fun than the pool?

summer 365 camp swimming in the lake

7. Make up nicknames with your friends for each other, hoping they’ll stick forever.

summer 365 it's a camp thing

8. Try and lose a tooth so the Camp Tooth Fairy can visit.

9. Test out every type of candy at the Canteen until you come up with your favorite, so when you get home and see that candy you will always be reminded of camp.


10. Cover every inch of the bunk walls with posters, pictures and wipe boards.

sleepaway camp bunk

11. Go out of your comfort zone and try the zip line or biggest rock wall! Even if soccer is more your thing, trying out for the dance team could give you lots of laughs! YOLO!


12. Be nice to everyone because at the end of the day, your camp friends become your best friends and sisters (and brothers), who will always be there for you!

overnight camp best friends

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