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The countdowns are drawing closer, the lists are piling up and excitement levels are through the roof…it’s almost time for VISITING DAY! While your presence at camp is gift enough, we know that over the last few weeks phone calls and letters have consisted of special requests for this year’s V-Day. To ensure you leave with some very happy campers, we’ve searched high and low to find the best and hottest products on the camp market! Of course we’ve included plenty of food, tons of fun accessories, and other great camp favorites! So buckle up, stock up and get ready to treat and greet your campers with the BEST products this Visiting Day!

Camp Erry

camp erry visiting day gift ideas for summer camp summer 365

Camp Erry visiting day gift ideas summer 365

At Camp Erry you will find the hottest styles in camp jewelry, accessories and more! Items include color war tattoos, T-shirts and accessories, funky socks and bags, jewelry and cool bunk gifts! Items range from $3- $30. To order go to or call 631-245-4423.

Why We Love It!

With this summer’s trends in emojis, flash tattoos and choker necklaces, Camp Erry is a one-stop-shop for everything your camper will love! We are obsessed with all of their camp themed jewelry, hair wear, custom shirts and color war merchandise at such an affordable price! The Color War Flat Pack is a perfect gift for both boys and girls. Some “must haves” for your camper is the karma bracelet, Emoji round bead bracelet, daisy tattoo bracelet, gummy bear stretch bracelet and the awesome Emoji stationary, postcards and towels! Your camper is sure to go crazy over Camp Erry products!

Mirth in a Box

mirth in a box visiting day gifts summer 365

Mirth in a Box is an online care package company devoted to amusement, hilarity and good cheer! From traditional premade care packages to flat envelope camp care packages, customers can choose from hundreds of items to customize a fun, unique and creative camp gift! Prices range from $23.99 – $99.99. Place your order at or call 203-292-9290.

Why We Love It!

While days at camp are jam-packed with tons of fun activities, campers also love the special downtime when they can hang out in the bunk. Mirth in a Box care packages are PERFECT for bunk time activities, shower hour and flashlight time! From MadLibs to friendship bracelet kits to Whoopee cushions, Mirth in a Box packages provide an extra dose of fun for the entire bunk to enjoy!

Gotta Great Gift

gotta great gift visiting day gift ideas summer 365 is the spot for every camp item! Whether you are looking for comfy camp apparel, customized basketballs or candy treats, Gotta Great Gift has it all. With hundreds of items to choose from, prices range from $3- $62. Go to and order today!

Why We Love It!

Gotta Great Gift makes finding the perfect visiting day present super easy! We are in LOVE with the awesome autograph pillows, funky stationary and adorable tank tops. Some “must haves” from Gotta Great Gifts are the Doughnut/Candy bags, Cheeseburger or Airhead Pillows, “Showaflops ice cream” and the Color War Mohawk is hilariously perfect! With gifts for both boys and girls, you will definitely find everything on your camper’s wish list here!

Stoney Clover Lane

stoney clover lane visiting day gifts summer 365

Founded by entrepreneurial sisters, Kendall and Libby Glazer, Stoney Clover Lane is a bright and cheerful accessory brand. The fashion-forward duo started the company by making fabric-based charm bracelets made to be stacked upon each other fro a trendy wrist full of varied colors and sparkle. Stone Clover Lane now offers a variety of products including cards, tattoos and more! Prices range from $10-$28. To order go to

Why We Love It!

It’s no secret that having the “perfect camp wrist” is a camper’s ultimate summer goal. Stoney Clover bracelets are a necessity when completing your camper’s wrist. On their website you will find customized camp name and zip code bracelets, charms with sayings such as “Live 10 for 2”, “ILY Camp”, and “My Bunk is BAE”, awesome tattoos, sparkling cards and more! There is no doubt that your camper will be obsessed with their Stony Clover product.

Brookie’s Cookies NYC

brookies cookies visiting day gifts summer 365

Brookie’s Cookies are far from your average cookie. In a range of assorted flavors and styles, these special treats take the cookie to a WHOLE new level!

Featured camp items include:

Cookie Sandwiches – Sugar cookies are sandwiched together with whipped vanilla butter cream icing and an edible logo of your camp of choice! Comes in packs of 12 ($32.00) or 24 ($62.75)

Mini Chocolate Covered Oreos – Custom, camp themed chocolate covered Oreos. Includes 15 mini chocolate covered Oreos, 2 of the cookies have an edible Emoji, 1 says #camp and 12 will be made with the camp logo of your choice! $18.00 for a gift box.

Candy Kabobs – Is your camper a candy lover? The Candy Kabobs include two marshmallows with the camp logo of your choice on a candy stick with some yummy gummies! $6.00 each.

And many more!

To order go to or email [email protected]

Why We Love It!

Not only are these mouth-watering cookies special on their own…they’re customized with your camp name on them!! Your camper will be thrilled to bite down into their camp logo and share Brookie’s Cookies with the whole bunk!


funoogles visiting day gift ideas summer 365

No longer do your children have to choose between fashion and functionality. Introducing funoogles, the fun way for kids wear glasses! Funoogles creates interchangeable, customizable eyewear for children that allow kids to express their sense of style while also helping them see correctly. Funoogles sunglasses and prescription glasses are made in the USA and completely customizable.  Right now they offer 18 color options to fit individual styles.  Funoogles engages kids by giving them the freedom to create their own unique look depending on their mood, outfit and style.

A funoogles starter kit comes with 3 interchangeable frame fronts, 2 sets of temples and a single vision lens for $99 or a non-Rx mirrored polarized sun lens for $69.  After purchasing their starter kit children may add to their eyedrobe for as little as $12 and can be ordered at

Why We Love It!

Funoogles are great for camp because they allow kids to sport their camp colors on their sunglasses or glasses.  Funoogles embodies camp spirit still giving campers a unique look they can have fun with.  However once camp is over for summer, kids can still wear their funoogles since they come with 6 different color combinations. Use code summer365  for 20% valid through July 31.

Cookie Do NYC 

cookie do nyc visiting day gift ideas summer 365

Who doesn’t love eating a scoop of cookie dough? Now with Cookie Do NYC you can enjoy a variety of cookie dough flavors without the worry of raw egg! This is a different, delicious and fun way to enjoy your favorite sweet cookie flavors using high quality ingredients. They have over 20 handcrafted flavors to fulfill your camper’s sweet tooth and each batch of made-to-order dough is freshly prepared. Prices range from $14-$17, order at

Why We Love It!

Not only do we LOVE the fact that we can eat an entire cup of cookie dough without a worry, but Cookie Do NYC doesn’t need to be refrigerated! This treat is perfect for traveling to camp and for your camper to save after the day is over!

Emoji Mania

emoji pillows camp visiting day gift ideas summer 365

All things Emoji are the hottest trend this summer. These expressive items great to decorate the bunk with! Some “must haves” are the Blowing Kiss, Heart Eyes, Tongue Out, and Sunglasses Emoji Pillows as well as stickers, keychains, and puzzles.  Pillows are $19.99 and can be ordered from or and stickers packs for $5 and $10 on Etsy.

Why We Love It!

Emoji Stuff brings your favorite smiley faces off of your phone keyboard and onto your camper’s bed or letters! Camp just makes us so EMOJItional!!

Reverse A Pals

reverse a pal visiting day gift ideas summer 365

The new cute way to cuddle up to team pride! An adorable reverse-a-pal goes from a plush football or baseball with team logos that unzips to become a cuddly mascot friend. Your kid will love to snuggle with their favorite team’s college or NFL mascot. Order at

Why We Love It!

While it seems like there are endless V-Day items for girls, it can be hard to come up with awesome gift ideas for our boy campers. With this boy approved item, your camper can show his (or her) team spirit, toss the ball around with his bunkmates, and it’s also great for younger boys who might still want a stuffed animal or comfort item to snuggle with at night.


schmackerys cookies visiting day gift ideas summer 365

Shmackary’s Cookies offer a combination of creative, old school and authentic cookie flavors! From classic flavors like Chocolate Chip and Funfetti to crazy Maple Bacon and Cookies and Cream, Shmackary’s Cookies will blow your mind! A dozen cookies costs $24, they ship nationwide and you can order on

Why We Love It!

We love Shmackary’s Cookies for their kooky cookie flavors and because they come in a small box that is perfect for visiting day! This box of cookies will allow you to open your arms a little wider when you finally hug your camper!

Balloon Bonanza

balloon bonanza visiting day gift ideas summer 365

This crazy invention allows you to fill and tie 40 water balloons at once! In a fast and easy fashion, you can make hundreds of water balloons in minutes. The Balloon Bonanza comes with 3 Balloon Bonanzas and 120 water balloons for only $12.99! Order on

Why We Love It

We can’t get over how COOL this invention is! The Balloon Bonanza is perfect for those post-visiting day Water Balloon fights, your camper will ambush the entire camp without a problem!

Reality Bites Cupcakes

reality bites cupcakes visiting day gift ideas summer 365

Clever cupcakes that will tease your taste buds. Reality Bites Cupcakes specializes in custom confections that resemble popular savory snacks (think: pizza, bagels, hamburgers, egg sandwiches). Minimum of 24 cupcakes can be ordered at

Why We Love It!

Cupcakes are always a visiting day list staple and crowd pleaser. Reality Bites is a new fun way to indulge in everybody’s favorite sweet treat and is sure to wow your camper and their bunk with these little delectable pieces of awesomely cool food art.


p.s. Be sure to check any Visiting Day guidelines provided by your child’s camp … many camps have a no peanut or nut policy or do not allow bunk gifts!

Contributing Writer: Stephanie Ironson

Artwork by Corey Bloomberg

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