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We love M&M, and no, we are not talking about our favorite canteen candy! We are referring to Moxy & Main, a website and event company that caters to fiercely fabulous moms, co-founded by our Camper of the Week Marnie Nathanson. You can find everything from great content, to exclusive events, product reviews, gift guides and celebrity interviews. This camp alum has got a whole lot of moxy and camp love. As a wife, mom, and entrepreneur she brings this spirit, energy, and fun to everything she touches. Welcome Marnie to the S365 COTW family!


Where did you go to camp?

5 blissful 8 week session summers at Camp Wayne for Girls

What are you currently doing?

I just left my 6+ years as a development exec at MTV to be a Co-Founder and Media & Talent Relations Officer at Moxy & Main!

How has camp influenced what you do/your career path?

Because of camp, I knew I had to join a sorority in college (Go CUSE!). After graduation I knew I wanted to work in an environment that was fun, exciting and youthful. I also always wanted to be surrounded by creative “kiddults.”

What are your top three essentials that you packed in your trunk?

My nightstand fan (those sweaty nights!), a blowdryer (hello frizz) and my Mutsy doll.

What are three words to describe your camp experience?

Magical. Bubble. Indescribable.

Who was someone at camp that you looked up to?

I loved Ace. She was in charge of Waterfront and also led our song nights. She inspired me to sing, and to this day I jam out to Indigo Girls because she taught me all the words.

Why do you think it is important to go to camp?

I learned to be incredibly independent at camp. It was a confidence builder, a place to learn about true friendships, and a world to explore and create new personal goals.

What is your favorite/most epic camp memory?

I loved that my brother went to Camp Wayne for Boys and looked forward to Brother/Sister time each week. My favorite memory was always running towards my parents on visiting day when the horn would go off and it was like The Running of the Bulls.

How has camp affected your adult life?

To this day, I sing the 5 minute long birthday song to my dear friend Liz every year on her birthday. I refuse to surround myself with people who are NOT FUN. Camp taught me to love life and the people I spend my days with.

Words of wisdom for current and future campers?

Current campers – hide soda cans in the tank of the toilet bowl. It’s clean, it will keep them cold and your counselor will never know. Future campers: TRY CAMP!! It’s the best experience of your life.

Camp nickname?

Fish (Maiden name)

What is your favorite camp tradition?

Bucket brigade during Tribal

What was your favorite camp food?

Chicken nuggets (I tried to break the camp record and puked everywhere. But I did eat like 60 …I’m disgusting)

What is your favorite camp cheer?

“We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how about YOU!?”

What did you prefer – pool or lake?

Lake even though it scared the crap out of me. Someone told me the Lochness Monster lived there. I learned how to wake board there!

Favorite canteen candy?

Frozen Charleston Chews!

What was your favorite camp activity?

Dance & Cheer

If you had to have something from camp tattooed on you, what would it be?

Skip Around the Room

What is your favorite camp word/expression?

“rrrottatttte!” it’s what Adrian the gymnastics guy would scream when it was time to switch apparatuses.

Favorite camp memento?

I just bought my 1 year old a Camp Wayne Shirt. It’s so deliciously adorable.

What were the biggest trends/must have items when you went to camp?

Personalized clip boards, knee socks with Adidas flip flops, boxers with your school name on the butt.

Any firsts at camp?

My first crush was at camp. He is now married to my best friend!

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