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6.27.14 by

Want to take a run down to the lake? Looking for a swim buddy? Need some convincing to climb to the top of the rock wall? Ray is your girl! Rachel, better known as "Ray" to her camp besties, is a life-long devoted camper. She is also the face behind Fit With Rachel, a fitness company "aimed at teaching people how to create a strong, healthy, fulfilling life." She attended her 8-week sleepaway camp for 7 years as a camper and 3 years as a counselor. She grew up in the suburbs oh Philly, and is bringing her camp-inspiration and fitness tips right back to her hometown! Rachel learned so much at camp - from her relationships with her camp friends to the strength she uses in her daily life, and she is so grateful to have been given the gift of camp! We know you're all itching to get Fit With Rachel, but first, let's get ready to hear about Camp With Rachel!

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