Summer 365 Reading: The Thread by Jane Rosen

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We know your child is itching to go to camp already to play, run, and just relax after their long school year… but they are probably dreading that summer reading list that you’ve snuck into their trunks.  We have the perfect solution!  The Thread is an awesome book for your die-hard camper because, guess what, it’s all about camp!  We got the chance to talk to author Jane Rosen about her own camp experiences, what inspired her to write about camp, and how this book is the perfect summer read for your tween or teen campers, and even for the camper in you. A novel concept right here, summer reading your daughters will actual like and thank you for!

1. When did you start writing? Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

I can remember enjoying creative writing beginning in elementary school. Somehow I didn’t pursue it in college. That is something I always regret- If something makes you happy you should stick with it. It took me a long time to find my way back to writing.

2. Did you go to camp? 

I went to camp for ten years as a kid and then went to another camp as a counselor and group leader. I pretty much went to camp for as long as possible. My three daughters went / go to camp in Maine.   Did you base any of the book off of your own camp experiences?

3. How did going to camp influence your ideas for this book? 

My own camp experience, the experience of my campers and the experience of my three daughters are all found through out the pages of The Thread.  Camp friendships are lasting and unique. My mother is nearly ninety and her best friend is still her BFF from Camp Lenore circa 1935.

4. What was your inspiration for the characters? 

My friends, my kid’s friends and my campers all rolled up into one.

5. Why do you think it is important for kids to go to camp? 

For a zillion reasons… from making your own bed to making best friends with kids that you may never have picked on your own, to trying new things, to learning that jumping into a crisp cold lake beats a heated pool any day of the week!

6. What messages did you want to get across through this book? 

That friendship matters. That the friends you choose when you are a kid can truly support you, listen to you and stand by your side through your entire life.

friendship bracelets

7. Why should campers read this book? 

Campers should read The Thread because just like camp, they will relate to it and enjoy every minute of it. One reader told me that The Thread flies by just like camp, and just like camp, they wished it wouldn’t end.

8. How did going to camp influence what you do now? 

One word: Confidence.

9. What’s your advice to parents sending their kids to camp? 

Camp gives kids the opportunity to reinvent themselves, it teaches empowerment, it allows them to both stand on their own and thrive in a group. My advice is to let them go and keep going and to encourage them to be counselors. Real life comes soon enough and camp is great training for it.

10. What do you think makes camp friendships stand out in a child’s life? 

Camp friends start out like friends but end up like sisters.

11. How has technology changed the way camp friends stay connected? 

This is the one place where I think technology is very beneficial. My youngest’s best camp friend lives in Arizona but she sees her all the time…on FaceTime. The initial idea for The Thread came from my oldest daughters Senior Facebook group where they decided all of the important stuff they needed to for their senior summer at camp. Technology lets camp friends rely on each other all year long, which, while navigating the bumpy waters of being a teenage girl, can be very helpful.

the thread by jane rosen

The Thread is definitely going to be any tween or teen camper’s favorite summer reading book so send it in a care package or bring it on visiting day. Available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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