Summer 365 Visiting Day Gift Guide 2017

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You’ve booked your hotel, planned the road trip and arranged dinner plans but all of this is just small preparation for the big event – Visiting Day. A couple weeks into the summer, a letter comes in the mail (even if your kid never writes) – the Visiting Day list. Your camper has likely mapped out what candy, snack food, and miscellaneous trendy items they must have down to the exact store and brand. This list can be daunting and extravagant but by no means do you or should you have to buy your kid everything on the list. Remember it will all be taken away in 24 hours anyway! Even though just seeing your face after 3 weeks should be a gift in itself, remember your kids have fun making these lists (and probably pass them around to the whole bunk). So indulge a little bit.

At Summer 365 we understand that you want to be the coolest parent on the campground come Visiting Day, and if you follow our guide we guarantee you won’t disappoint. So we dedicated our talents, camp knowledge, and time to finding you the most delicious, drool-worthy and trendy gifts to give to your kid on the big day. From cookies to custom jewelry, shoes and patches these gifts will make for a happy camper. Plus tons of special discounts and promotions for our Summer 365 fam. We love all these products and can’t wait for you to share them with your kid. Let the Visiting Day shopping commence!

p.s. Take note of any lead times for orders! And be sure to check any Visiting Day guidelines provided by your child’s camp.  Many camps have a food allergy policy or do not allow bunk gifts!

p.p.s. we do not benefit financially from the sale of any of these items, they are just companies and products we heart!

The Goodies 

Why eat a boring chocolate chip cookie when you can have one Baked in Color! Chocolate chip cookies are America’s #1 dessert and Baked in Color cookies are the first rainbow chocolate chip cookies on the market. Happy, fun and delicious, these cool cookies can also be customized by color for all of life’s special occasions: camp spirit, sporting and team events, birthday parties, mitzvahs and college pride.

We got spirit, yes we do! We got spirit, how about you? A cookie that allows your camper to show their team spirit – sign us up! Baked in Color can create a delicious cookie in any color combination giving your camper some custom and yummy team swag to share with everyone!

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JARS by Dani started when founder Dani Beckerman wanted to share her love for baking. She came across a mason jar in a craft store and was driven to develop the next new dessert obsession. Something delicious and beautiful—that looked as good as it tasted. So she experimented with recipes until successfully creating her signature line of JARS.

The buzz on social media made Dani realize she had something special. So she took to the city streets, hand delivering each JAR around Manhattan herself. Once just a fun idea turned into a full-fledged business.

Today, it’s love at first bite as Jars by Dani continues to capture the hearts of fans in NYC and nationwide. Even A-Listers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Kenneth Cole and Teen Vogue have made Jars by Dani a must at their fashion events. We invite you to grab a JAR and surprise your party guests with something different and delicious!

These drool-worthy jars may be artfully crafted but they taste even better. With a variety of flavors to choose from, cookies and cream to the rainbow vanilla cake – there is something for everyone. So this visiting day, #GetJarred, it’s a piece of cake! These Jars travel well and will impress every kid and parent in the bunk.

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Treat House offers innovative and beautifully decorated varieties of crispy rice treats. Popular flavors include Birthday Cake, Cookies and Cream, Caramel Sea Salt, Chocolate Pretzel, Sugar Cookie, and Bubble Gum. They customize our treats with your camp’s logo as well as other camp themed decorations. They offer 12-packs for boys and girls as well as our Deluxe and Jumbo Gift Boxes, which are packed with enough goodies for the whole bunk!!

They offer our 12-pack in an allergy friendly assortment as well for campers that have gluten and dairy allergies. All of their camp treats are NUT FREE, however, their facility does contain nuts.  All of our Treats are certified Kosher Dairy by Kof-K.  

As die hard Parks and Rec fans, we believe in the #TreatYourself movement and that Treat House goodies are a tasty bite-sized way to do so! Although Treat House comes in colorful, adorable flavors right in store we suggest customizing your own treats with camp-inspired sayings or even your camp logo! They have a 12 camp pack, deluxe camp pack, and jumbo camp pack

COUPON CODE →TREATS365 (10% off)


Shookies Cookies, located in the Northshore of Chicago began in December 2016.  Sheri Handelman, the owner, and Baker of Shookies has always been known throughout her community as one of the best bakers. She is especially known for her homemade cookie dough cookies!  Sheri’s family has been encouraging her for years to start a baking business.

Sheri learned everything she knows about baking from her mother at a young age.  She spent much of her time baking and cooking in the kitchen with her mom, aka,“Bubbie.” Bubbie was a professional baker in the Detroit area, selling her baked goods to small restaurants, bakeries, and hand delivering trays of goodies to her family and friends.

We are so excited to be sharing freshly baked Shookies Cookies with everyone! We can’t wait for our website to launch this summer. In the meantime, check us out on Instagram at Shookies_Cookies! Email orders or questions to [email protected]

From classic chocolate chip to outrageously crafted S’mores, Shookies Cookies has it all! These delectable creations will have your camper cheering “What do we want? Shookies cookies! When do we want it? Now!” We still can’t comprehend how these cookies taste completely like raw cookie dough but are totally baked through! Sheri, what’s your secret? 

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Our custom cookies and confections are one-of-a-kinds! We make a wide variety of sweets with your photo, logo or custom design. All of our desserts are delicious, beautifully decorated and of course, made of the finest ingredients. And we are thrilled to let you know we are a NUT FREE facility. Orders can be placed online at or by email at [email protected]

These customizable, personal sweets the perfect way to let your camper know that you’ve been listening when they say “camp and chocolate” are their favorite things. We love that this bakery is totally NUT FREE which is awesome for camps with tough candy policies! We are also obsessing over her custom chocolate or rice crispy fidget spinners and know your camper will be too. 

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Bo & Ty Sweets is a 100% nut-free candy company specializing in gifts and special occasions. An amazing resource for party favors, bunk gifts, college acceptances, bar mitzvahs and more! The “I Heart Camp” candy filled water bottle is filled with nut-free chocolate beads for $24.99! The “I Heart Camp” zip pouch is filled with candy jars, the three mini jars are stuffed with nut-free assorted candy for $22.99. To place orders email [email protected].

Dying to bring your camper their favorite candy, but looking for a fun way to do so? Bo and Ty Sweets takes the average, useful objects (your camper needs anyway) and transforms them into creative confections with candy inside. Every product is completely nut free, so you can head up to camp stress and EpiPen free!

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Pure Batch is a mother/daughter owned organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, peanut-free raw + baked goods company based in New Jersey providing low-glycemic, high-protein, high-fiber treats for everyone to enjoy! Please reach out to [email protected] for any allergen-related questions!

Does your camper have strict dietary restrictions that make Visiting Day a headache? If so Pure Batch is a one-stop shop for your family. Want to bring your kid a protein brownie? Smart cookies? Obviously! We love these sweets because not only do they satisfy your sweet tooth, but they are also made with simple, wholesome ingredients making them the healthiest way to let your camper indulge, and maybe you too!

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The Gifts

Launched in 2015, INKED by Dani is a line of chic and upscale hand-drawn temporary tattoo designs. Wanting to take a new twist on the temporary tattoo craze, artist and founder Dani Egna created a line of creative and on-trend temporary tattoos inspired by her hand-drawn designs. Just over a year since their launch, INKED by Dani is the newest and coolest in the temporary tattoo scene and has achieved global success.

These amazing tattoos allow your camper to uniquely express themselves in a very temporary way. We all know passions can come and go (I for one am not the same Britney Spears-obsessed little girl I once was), so your kid’s body art should too. There are so many styles to choose from and we love them all to help your camper show off their spirit and style! 

COUPON CODE →Summer365 (15% off order) WEBSITE

We offer a variety of the coolest camp stationery and unique camp accessories! Pick your camp and customize to make the perfect gift for your camper. You can design a friendship bracelet kit with your child’s name and camp logo, fully stocked with string to make tons of bracelets for $36. You could also customize a spinner box with a camp logo for $15. To place orders email [email protected].

PS I Love Camp creates a personal way for your camper to store all of their “bunk junk” and possessions. We know you would hate to see that special edition yarn you just bought, get lost in all of the bunk craziness. PS I Love Camp can keep your kid as organized all summer as when the trunks left the house. They also create personalized stationery and letter holders giving your camper a fun reason to send notes home!


Changles Bangles are interactive bracelets that give kids the opportunity to wear patterns that suit their interests and hobbies. Each bracelet is Velcro fastened and can be easily adjusted to fit any wrist size. Patterns include everything from Camo, Tie Dye, Sports, Emoji and MORE! Personalize any pattern with camps, names, color war teams, initials or however you’d like!

Every camper and camp parent knows that summertime means “camp wrists”. Kids stack bracelets all the way up to their arms and we think Changles Bangles should be on that pile. Any pattern, color or design can be put onto these awesome bracelets that your camper is bound to love. Camouflage? Rainbow? Team colors? Yes, yes, and yes!

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Splatterazzi creates unique, custom order splatter painted fashion and accessories for kids and adults. Each piece is completely original and made especially for you! Splatterazzi can splatter paint everything from shoes to handbags in a fashionable and fun way. Splatterazzi can splatter paint high top converse in the camp colors of your choice, patches or glitter initials for $100 with free shipping. “Caboodles” can also be customized with fun camp stickers and colors. You can fill them with your child’s favorite candy or load it up with spirit gear for $85 with free shipping! Orders can be emailed to [email protected]. Please allow up to two weeks for production and delivery 

Imagine taking your campers favorite shoes, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, bags, blankets…okay, anything and turning it into a unique piece of art with splatter paint. Although many young kids think they are the true Jackson Pollack of splatter painters – Splatterazzi knows how to do it best. Splatterazzi jazzes up every one of your camper’s favorite pieces allowing for their true colors to shine through! 

COUPON CODE →SUMMER365 (10% off)

KicksBySammy was created by an emerging artist in search of new and exciting canvases. Sammy Handler started her business customizing sneakers and hats while attending the University of Maryland.  She is now proud to offer her unique designs on a line of products, including fuzzy blankets, pillows, pillowcases, and frames that celebrate your camper’s love and passion for their home away from home. 10% of all proceeds are donated to The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. View and order products on her website at or contact [email protected] for any inquiries. Please order by July 4th to guarantee your child is not disappointed on visiting day!

Kicks by Sammy curates an original product for each client giving your camper one of a kind swag to strut around their bunk with! Your camper is guaranteed to love any of her products but we obsess over her pillows and shoes decked out with Sammy’s art. 

COUPON CODE →SUMMER365 (10% off)


Gemini Jewelry makes trending must have chokers and layering pieces. We have everything from edgy costume pieces to genuine diamond jewelry. The adjustable spirit choker can come in any camp color you desire for $38. To place orders please email [email protected].

Not sure what the cool kids are wearing nowadays – no problem, Gemini Jewelry has you covered. Take the guess work out of your gift and order any of their amazing necklaces. Bonus they come in camp colors so your camper can show their spirit all year round.

COUPON CODE→ Summer 365 (10% off)

Stoney Clover Lane is a fun and fashionable company run by sisters Ken and Lib. The two sisters got their start after creating some jewelry in their bedroom looking to create something that they could wear to make a statement. Stoney Clover Lane took off after Taylor Swift was pictured wearing one of their pieces, and just like that the two sisters were bombarded with orders. Prices range from $10-$28. To order go to

It’s trendy, it’s chic, it’s fun, it’s Stoney Clover Lane! Anything your camper could want these fun sisters have made. There is a little something for every type of camper, a handy fanny-pack for the sporty ones, a delicate camp-specific choker for the fashionistas, funky patches and so much more! Their patches can be stuck on everything from notebooks, stationary kits, shower caddies and shoes and accessories. Have your camper really express themselves with bubble letter patches, food patches, and denim camp patches as well. 

COUPON CODE → S365 (15% off)


Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry is a thoughtfully curated online jewelry shop and Concierge Service that provides hassle-free jewelry gifting with the guarantee of quality, convenience, and individualized attention. The SG Fine Jewelry Collection features pieces personally designed by Stephanie, as well as a selection of beautiful pieces from other established designers.

You know your camper says camp is their second home and they for sure have the camp zip code memorized by heart. These gorgeous accessories by Stephanie Gottlieb will ensure that your camper feels at home even when she isn’t at camp. Her zip code accessories will let your camper walk around 24/7 with a piece of camp hanging from their neck or around their wrist, every campers dream! For an extra bonus add a gem in your camps color. 



10 Old School Camp Game Essentials 

Don’t underestimate the power of the basics. Summer camp is truly meant to be time for your kid to unplug from the world and just enjoy the beautiful time you have given them in an amazing place! Camp is old fashioned and traditional, in the most amazing way possible, so don’t forget to bring your camper the essentials that you loved at camp (many years ago)! You may think that with all of the world’s latest and greatest technological games kids would be bored by the simple, outdated games we remember, however, camp is fun in the rawest form and so are these great games that you shouldn’t forget to send your camper away with! Pro tip: order these on Amazon Prime to make shopping easy! 

  1. Jax
  2. Mancala
  3. Playing cards
  4. Uno
  5. Mini Connect Four
  6. Bop-It
  7. Magnetic Checkers
  8. Hangman
  9. Nerf Guns
  10. Slime Ball


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