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12.20.21 by

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! Speaking of HEALTH, which is constantly on all our minds these days, we have an exciting announcement to share as we launch into 2022. Summer 365 is continuing our partnership with PM Pediatrics, the nation’s largest provider of pediatric urgent care. They have over 50 child urgent care locations in 13 states and have been around for 15+ years.

As a trusted resource and advisor to families and clients, summer camp and program partners, and the industry we serve, we love to share other experts and valuable resources we know our community would benefit from. As we all know, in this new normal and COVID world we are living in, there is an abundance of information being shared. It can be overwhelming on how best to make informed decisions specific to your child and family. We want parents and camps to feel as empowered as possible to tackle this next year and summer ahead. We are so thrilled to have PM Pediatrics and Dr. Christina John as our specialized pediatric expert and a 365 day a year resource to collaborate with and talk about health, wellness, and best practices for keeping our children healthy and safe. This knowledge and understanding will help build confidence to take us into summer and to camp. Stay tuned for upcoming events and information we have in store exclusively for our partners, clients, and community!

ABOUT: PM Pediatrics was founded on the belief that there is a better way to deliver urgent care to kids and young adults. Their  mission is to ensure our patients receive superior quality after-hours care when they need it, without having to wait long for it. Unlike traditional urgent care practices, PM Pediatrics specializes in treating patients from the cradle to college. They are staffed by pediatric emergency specialists, including pediatric emergency physicians and board-certified pediatricians, who are specially trained in treating children in urgent care situations while minimizing pain and unnecessary tests.

PM Pediatric’s brand spokesperson and Senior Medical Advisor is Dr. Christina Johns, a pediatric emergency medicine physician with over 20 years of experience and a Masters in education, who leads their community education initiatives

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