Summer 365 X Project Repat Tshirt Blankets and Giveaway!!

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Old camp t-shirts, cozy blankets, doing good for the environment… These are a few of our favorite things!

We are super excited to introduce you to our new favorite camp accessory – Project Repat’s t-shirt blankets. Started by Nathan Rothstein and Ross Lohr in February 2012, Project Repat repurposes  your old t-shirts by “upcycling” them into one-of-a-kind t-shirt blankets that will be everlasting reminders of the amazing memories those t-shirts hold.  As Project Repat says, “Embrace the stories of your life!” They make blankets out of people’s old team uniforms, sorority and fraternity gear, and travel souvenirs, but you can probably guess what we will be ordering from them…


sleepaway camp

A blanket with CAMP TSHIRTS! Instead of hoarding all your favorite camp shirts in the back of your closet (we know they’re there…ours are too…), why not showcase them in a fun and unique way? For you camp obsessed alumni out there with old t-shirts taking up half your closet, this is the best way to bring camp back into your life (and do a little spring cleaning). For new and seasoned campers, we think this would be the camp gift to trump all other camp gifts (and great way to recycle some of the shirts you have outgrown)! Combine vintage t-shirts with brand-new ones to create a “camp through the ages” blanket. Surprise your camper with this in their trunk for them to use as a cool, new version of the signing pillow. And for camp directors this is a fantastic way for you to display the ultimate camp pride in your own main offices! The possibilities are endless…

collabTo celebrate this Earth Day by doing some camp tshirt upcycling, Summer 365 and Project Repat are bringing YOU the best camp-inspired gift ever!

Snatch one of these amazing blankets here, from today Tuesday, April 22 to Friday, April 24.

Enter the giveaway and be one of two lucky winners to win a FREE completely customized camp t-shirt blanket of your own! To enter simply click here and enter your email address (that’s it!). 

Check out Project Repat at, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get even more amazing camp-inspired ideas!

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