Summer Camp Drop Off Etiquette

6.17.17 by

It’s every parent’s dreaded moment: the bus stop drop-off (or airport, or door to door to camp). You imagine you’re going to be a wreck, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:


  1. Wear sunglasses: yes, you might start crying. But they are tears of JOY! Your camper is going on an amazing adventure that will help them grow into amazing young-adults you won’t even recognize (in a good way!) But just in case, bring those shades, put on a smile, and make sure your camper knows this gift is the best one ever.
  2. Your child, the explorer: you might want to clutch onto your sons and daughters and wave to them until they can’t even see you anymore (which you are definitely allowed to do), but also remember to support them. Introduce yourself to counselors, let your child say hi to new and old friends, give them a tight squeeze and an encouraging smile, and don’t be a helicopter parent – they can do this, and so can you.
  3. Bus notes: one of our favorite traditions from the first day of camp was getting to camp to find a surprise gift or note in our trunks from mom or dad. Getting to camp and knowing something exciting and special from home was waiting in your trunk was a comforting feeling, and encourages your camper to write back :)

Above all, get excited, because summer and the adventure of a lifetime is around the corner! #Summer2017 #BESTSUMMEREVER here we go!!!


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