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Even though it seems this cold weather will never end, the reality is summer and camp is right around the corner! Now is the time to start prepping so you can get all your ducks in a row and do not find yourself scrambling at the last minute. We know shopping and packing for camp can be an overwhelming and emotional process, so we tapped into the expertise and lovely ladies of SORT IT OUT, Mauri Zemachson & Jamie Seslowe, a team of professional organizers who work with you to edit, sort, eliminate clutter and offer practical and effective organizing solutions. They both have extensive experience both professionally and personally preparing and packing for summer camp. SORT IT OUT is sharing some awesome tips for parents of first time campers and their tricks of the trade for the more seasoned packers. In advance we’d like to say, T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U!



Helpful tips from SORT IT OUT to get your camp prep started:

1. Schedule your camp appointments now if you have not already done so. This includes your camp outfitter and any local camp retailer. Be sure to inquire about any early discounts/specials they may be offering.

2. Be sure to arrive at your camp appointments knowing exactly what you need. Take an inventory of the clothes and supplies that you have. Make sure everything fits and works! Compare this to your camp packing list and note the items that are needed.

3. Schedule your camp trucking pick up service. Be sure all payments and camp forms are filled out and up to date.


Helpful tips for moms of first time campers:

1. Purchase labels well in advance. Everything MUST be labeled before packing the trunks. Although many outfitters will apply labels to your clothing free of charge, there are still many items that will require your own labels. There are several different kinds… sew-on, iron-on and sticky labels for clothes and supplies. You can also use a stamper or a Sharpie Rub-A-Dub laundry pen. Check out the following sites:


2. Review the camp packing list your camp provides. Inquire about how frequently laundry is done so you can add more clothing if needed.

3. Make sure your camp forms are completed and immunizations are up to date.

4. As your clothes arrive from the camp outfitters or any retailers, wash them and set aside in a designated camp area.


Helpful tips for the seasoned packer:

1. Check your camp list to ensure you have everything. Some additional items that you may want to pack that are not on your list:

– band-aids
– Neosporin
– Anti-itch cream
– Rug for next to bed
– Camp chair (hello Crazy Creeks!)

2. Make sure everything is washed and labeled.

3. Pack like items in XXL Ziploc bags. This makes it easier to unpack at camp.

4. Create an inventory list of everything that is enclosed in the trunks. Place one copy in the trunk for your child or counselor in case something is missing. And keep one copy for yourself to check against when the trunks return home. This will help prepare you for the following summer.



About SORT IT OUT: Jamie and Mauri of SORT IT OUT are professional organizers and mothers who have personal experience packing their kids for camp. They have a systematic and stress-free approach. Among the many organizing services SORT IT OUT offers, their camp packing service focuses on the camp packing process. This includes anything from helping clients go through their inventory, preparing lists, shopping for needed items, labeling and packing. They can assist you with as much or as little as you need and take the emotion out of the process to help create a stress-free plan to get you ready for the summer.

Jamie Seslowe & Mauri Zemachson | | [email protected]

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