Why Summer Matters

As a child, there’s pretty much nothing more exciting than summer. As adults, we are seriously nostalgic about our summer experiences—looking back at the experiences, the friendships, and the veritable magic that fills everyday. Sure, there’s no school, but that’s just one component. Why is it that summer matters so much?

The benefits of a positive summer experience are endless. Whether at sleepaway camp or a teen program, children and teens find a supportive community that encourages achievement and builds self-esteem, promotes healthy lifestyles, fitness, and activity, and inspires the confidence and skills to become the adults they can be—the next generation of doers and leaders.

We’ve seen what an unforgettable summer can do for a child or teen, how young individuals can blossom and come into their own in only a few short weeks or months. We know summer matters, so we’re here to assist with the matters of summer.

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