There’s a moment each summer when our clients realize their child is about to embark on the experience of a lifetime and they’ve made the right decision. They relax, smile more, and start thinking about long warm sunny days. We exist to get people to that moment of relief and satisfaction, that moment when they know their child is happy in their summer home.

Core Values



As Professionals, we are expected to know every camp and program...inside and out. As Parents, we impart that knowledge to our clients with heart and best intentions.


Personal Touch

Summer 365 understands that each client has unique needs. We act as friend, advisor and resource to OUR families



Our Reputation is Paramount! We are industry leaders because we are unbiased and independent in our evaluations and recommendations.



By taking a full-circle, holistic approach, we assure that each child will flourish. Parents will feel confident in their decision to trust our judgement.



GIVE SUM is our passion in action.

"Summer 365, what I like to refer to as the fresh and modern camp advisor service. They are incredible business women and have really innovated the game and service provided to their families.”


“You continue to elevate the level of service you provide your clients. It’s a win win for everyone.”