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Campers of the Week: Lani and Gina Mandelbaum

9.11.14 by

It’s a camp family affair! Welcome to our newest and coolest installment of our Camper of the Week posts — this time, it’s family edition! We are going to chronicle mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, grandparents and grandchildren, and every and all family members who have their camp colors running in their blood! Camp families are unique. They have instilled camp lessons, cheers, sayings, and pride into their members, and they are intensely proud of their camp legacy. Needless to say… we LOVE these people!

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The Camper-Counselor Relationship

8.12.14 by

The friendships that you make at camp go beyond your own age group. The counselor not only plays the role of guardian and caretaker, but the role of friend as well. Read more about our Summer 365 Counselor Lanie’s reflections on the special camper and counselor bond after attending her campers’ 25th year reunion!

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Camper of the Week | Risa Goldberg | Co-owner Big City Moms

7.31.14 by

Who would have guessed that this big city mom started out at a small town camp… we did!! Meet Risa, the co-owner of Big City Moms, a marketing and events company targeted at new and future parents. She attended her 8-week sleepaway camp for 11 amazing summers, and loved every minute of it! She’s here bringing her camp spirit and Big City Mom advice straight to you.

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The Camp-nuptial Agreement

7.18.14 by

Getting married to a non-camper? Or possibly even worse, a die-hard from an overnight camp other than yours? If so, then I think you need to strongly consider a camp-nuptial agreement.

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