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Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Ali Borowick Zmishlany

4.24.14 by

Campers, counselors, moms, and pretzel-lovers (so basically everyone, duh!) unite! Meet Ali, this session’s Camper of the Week! Ali and her younger sister, Lauren, now head their home-grown, family business called Fatty Sundays! They create gourmet chocolate-covered-pretzels, perfect for any occasion from birthdays, weddings, holidays… or even visiting day!!! OMG, count us in! So, in honor of National Pretzel Day this Saturday, we interviewed Ali and are thrilled to get you in on the Fatty Sundays party!

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camp family

We’re a Camp Family!

4.11.14 by

In 1945, my 5 year-old mother traveled 4 hours by bus from New York City to the Berkshires to attend sleep away camp. She was there to spend 8 weeks learning how to play sports, swim, canoe, and get along with other 5 year old girls. She cried for the first few days until the camp director told her to stop. She did. And she spent the next 11 summers playing sports, swimming, canoeing and learning lessons that lasted a lifetime.

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