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Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Scott Rosenbluth

11.17.14 by

C-R-A-Z-Y let’s get crazy… about camp! Our newest camper of the week Scott Rosenbluth knows a thing or two about that. He has been going to camp for 17 years…and counting! That’s an all-time Camper of the Week record. Scott has turned several decades of his own personal camp experiences into a successful business career. Read on why we are crazy about Scott!

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Camper of the Week: Shelby Semel

8.21.14 by

The dog days of summer take on a whole new meaning today! Meet Shelby Semel, otherwise known as “the dog whisperer” to many of her clients and their adorable puppies! Shelby is one of the premier dog trainers in NYC and owns her eponymous dog training company helping pups, dogs, and their owners every day in group classes and private training sessions with her Positive Reinforcement Dog Training technique. So let’s give three (barks) cheers for Shelby and read on how her amazing camp experience shaped her into the person she is today!

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Camper of the Week | Risa Goldberg | Co-owner Big City Moms

7.31.14 by

Who would have guessed that this big city mom started out at a small town camp… we did!! Meet Risa, the co-owner of Big City Moms, a marketing and events company targeted at new and future parents. She attended her 8-week sleepaway camp for 11 amazing summers, and loved every minute of it! She’s here bringing her camp spirit and Big City Mom advice straight to you.

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Camper of the Week | Michelle Goldblum + Alison Leipzig | Co-Founders of Soul Camp

7.17.14 by

Do you ever envy your kids over the summer and wish you could go back to camp? Well, believe it or not, you absolutely can! Let us introduce you to Michelle Goldblum and Alison Leipzig, the co-founders of Soul Camp, an adult sleepaway camp for the soul. These Summer 365 Campers of the Week both went to the same 8-week sleepaway camp in the Poconos and reconnected as adults over color war, Girl’s Sing, and hundreds of old camp memories. Now they are crushing it by bringing fitness, nutrition, yoga, and personal transformation to the greatest place on Earth…. CAMP! Read their soulful story here!

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Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Scot Tatelman

6.23.14 by

Our Camper of the Week, Scot Tatelman, has got the POWER and is making a big STATEment about it… Camp Power and STATE Bags, that is! Camp has always been a huge part of his life, both professionally and personally. Read up on Scot and his awesome camp experiences (he spent 19 years there), and check out how you can help spread the gift of camp!

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Dormify’s Picks for Summer 2014!

5.29.14 by

This week’s Camper of the Week / Camp Fashionista, Amanda Zuckerman, is teaming up with the Summer 365 Counselors to bring you her must-haves for Summer 2014! Seriously, everything on their site, from comfy bedding to cool accessories is so amazing, we wish we lived in a bunk to decorate ourselves! Check out her picks here, and visit Dormify to get 20% off all their amazing camp gear with our exclusive discount code: SUMMER365!

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Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Zoe Katz

5.22.14 by

Zoe is the ULTIMATE camper! She attended her all-girls, 8-week sleep away camp for seven years as a camper and one year as a counselor. (And now visits all the time!) She grew up in Scarsdale, New York, and now lives in Manhattan. Zoe is currently working in theatrical productions and corporate affairs at The Weinstein Company, a film production and distribution company. Maybe she can even get Harvey to make a movie about CAMP… where do we audition?! She still caries her camp bag that she got at age seven, remembers all her camp cheers, and has even thought about getting her camp logo tattooed on her ankle. Sound crazy to you? Sounds like a camp soul sister to us!

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Panatea Match green tea

Camper (Couple) of the Week – Jessica and David Mandelbaum

5.15.14 by

There is nothing in the world more zen than sitting at the lake, looking up at the stars, with your arms around your best camp friends… or is there? Meet the founders of Panatea, a health and lifestyle-driven matcha green tea company. Jessica and David Mandelbaum, both former campers, are our new Camper (Couple) of the Week! They launched Panatea together, and are now committed to spreading the word to “sip up and zen out.” Read their story here and get involved in the #matchamovement.

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